Hey, People around Niigata, You’ve Gotta Go Buy Ms Yamashita’s Kimchi

Ms.Yamashita’s Shop in 1st-6th Morning Market in Niitsu

Today I went to the Morning Market in Niitsu in order to buy Ms.Yamashita’s Kimchi. I bought just one package of Chinese Cabbage Kimchi by 800 JPY. Then she told me that people don’t come to her shop these days. She said this year has been so bad for her sales of Kimchi.

So I would like to ask you people around Niigata. I want you to go and buy her Kimchi. It is so delicious and so reasonable. Her Kimchi is available at only several places around Niitsu in Akiha-ward, Niigata city. Please check dates of morning markets in Niitsu, Gosen, and Suibara by the image below.

Date of the Morning Market in Niitsu, Gosen, and Suibara

Ms. Minami Yamashita’s Kimchi



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