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Hi, this is a blog that is a record of my career as a Japanese teacher.

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I like playing music on my electric bass. Please visit “LQ Laoshi Plays Electric Bass.” and listen. The following is one of my bass playing.

J. S. Bach, Unaccompanied Cello Suite No.3, Prelude on Electric Bass (4.22MB)

Photographs Taken on November Nineteenth Twenty-Twenty Two

Iide Mountain Between Fukushima and Niigata Prefectures in JAPAN

Chrysanthemum Flowers are still Blooming in my Gardens

Actually People in Niigata eat Chrysanthemum Petals. But this is not to eat, but is Ornamental

Colorful and Bright Flowers Last Short by Winter’s coming

Grilled Horse Mackerel

These photos were taken on November 19, 2022. I don’t have time to write some comments today because my job is still busy. Soon I have to prepare for the final examination for my students.

Chrysanthemum in my Garden. It’s Late Autumn.

Chrysanthemum in my Garden, in Niigata, Northern JAPAN

Colorful Flowers are Blooming not only in my garden but also in neighbors’ gardens

I want to plant more to make my garden bright because it is so dark in late autumn in Niigata.

I just wanted the Entire October Calendar to be Colored.

Black Bird in Niigata, Northern JAPAN

But I don’t think I can continue to post every day. Most of my hours should be used for my work as a Japanese Language teacher. Now I have to prepare for the final examination of this semester.

Photos of Yesterday; Today the Weather is Rainy and Chilly

Not mine…I envy the owner of this Persimmon tree.

Gradation of Ivy color tells the season of Autumn

I don’t like to take a photo by smartphone because the colors are surrealistically vivid. I should have brought my old digital camera.

Cooking Tonight’s Supper took 70 minutes, a little Shorter than Usual

My Supper Tonight; A Glass of Drink is Soft Drink with Beer Taste.

It takes shorter time for me to grill a fish than to cook meat. Tonight’s fish was Atka mackerel which came from U.S.
And the drink in glass is not alcohol. Believe me. It is a beer taste soft drink with ZERO-alcohol.