Weekly Logs Dec.2-8, 2019


I am so tired that I cannot continue to work long hours. I actually spend many hours on my bed even in daytime his week. On Monday I taught in the small class and made photocopies of handout in the morning. The rest of the day was just making PPT for listening class. I took a nap for an hour. These days I cannot have time to study English, though, I read English a half hour before going to bed on Monday.



I made PPT for listening class all day. I took a nap in the afternoon. If I didn’t take a nap, I could have not continued to work.



I taught two classes in the morning. I took a long rest on the bed until 3p.m. It took two hours for me to evaluate 5 students’ compositions. I started another PPT making for composition class at 5 p.m. I stopped working at 8.



Whole of morning hours were spent for making PPT for composition class. It was from 7 to noon. I taught two classes in the afternoon. After I came back to my residence, I graded quiz that I gave to the small class on Wednesday. It took two hours. It seemed that it was difficult for them to write Japanese Kanji correctly.



I evaluated fluency of dialogues in the small class in the morning. They didn’t seem to have practiced well. Although I had to evaluate many compositions by the class in the early evening, I gave up. I was on my bed for two hours between morning class and composition class. I tried to evaluate more compositions after the class until 9:30p.m. I got five drafts for the monthly newsletter in the night.



The time for correction is shortened, while the number of the drafts increases this month for the monthly newsletter. I have to proofread 5 articles by next Saturday. I usually check four times to complete drafting. Time is limited, so I wanted to finish 5 drafts in one day. The reality was that I could finish only 3.



I proofread two drafts that I could not finish yesterday. Some students sent me the second drafts already. Drafts’ go-and-back between students and me continues. In the meantime I had to start PPT making for the classes in the coming week. But I didn’t feel I had energy to continue to work.

This week’s log is shorter than usual. I don’t have time to write in detail. And actually I feel like my memory is blurred.





1836組には 12月6日(金)に出題します。

1837組には 12月5日(木)に出題します。

課題: 要約文を書く。授業中に配布した資料の「生命の値段」30頁から32頁までの内容を短く要約して書きなさい。


用紙: 学内超市の文具店の原稿用紙。

書き方:横書き。一行目から本文を書きなさい。題名は書かないこと。氏名は 枠外や下の余った行に書く。必ず1枚以内で書きなさい。2枚目を使ってはならない。

提出: 来週の 授業開始時。遅れての提出は一切認めない。















This is to inform 1st grade students about homework assignment of the listening course. You need to do the following by the next class on December 11th or 12th.

Homework Assignment (作业)


We will do only 9-1 in the next week.

<1> Listen to the track 9-1-00 that is “Kiku-mae-ni” on page 118 of section 9-1.

<2>Do 一、二、and 三 on page 118 through 120 of the section 9-1.

Note: The audio of our text book has some problems. Please note the following.

二、1. “Masenka” is better than “Mashouka” when suggesting others to do something together.

二、2. Speech style is completely broken. “Desu-masu style” and overly friendly expressions are mixed up. Always mind that Japanese speech style is strongly controlled by situation and relation.

二、3. The lady should say “gurai-desu” instead of “gurai-kana” for the same reason as above for 二、2.

二、4. Also for the same reason, the lady should avoid using “-kamone” for the ending. Another issue is that this textbook uses “Liyong” too many times. Think this as the first language interference. As a beginner of Japanese, you need to learn Japanese words ”和語” instead of relying on “漢語”.

三、4. This also has a problem with speech style. When a mother and a young child talk each other, they never use “Desu-masu style”.

Weekly Logs Nov.25-Dec.1, 2019


I taught in the small class. And then I went to the teachers’ room to make photocopies of reading material. It took a several hours that were more than I expected. So I could not eat the lunch of the teacher restaurant. I ate my lunch in the student restaurant. I went back my residence and tried working, but I couldn’t. I was too tired to work. It was 5 p.m. when I got up my bed. I started making PPT for Wed/Thu listening classes. I cooked my supper at 8, had supper at 9, and went to bed at 10.



In the morning I prepared for the small class of Wednesday until 9 a.m. Since then I continued to make PPT for listening classes. This week PTT making for listening class took 8 hours in total. Since it was 12 hours last week, I could shorten the hours to make it. I took a nap at 3 p.m. for an hour. Got up at 4 and then started PPT making for the composition classes. I wanted to make less PPT slides than usual by using photocopies of reading material in the class. But it couldn’t be short.



I taught two classes in the morning. One was the listening class and the other was small class. Both were for 1st grade. I realized that a native Japanese teacher was not necessary for that listening class. I mean, in the class, I just play the audio and say “The answer is A.”, and play the audio again and say “The answer is B”, and so on. I felt like I was just a kind of machine to play listening materials. After the lunch I spent the whole of afternoon to make PPT for Thu/Fri composition classes.



I tried finishing PPT making for composition class by noon. This week it was 14 hours to make PPT for 90 minutes class for composition. I hate or worry about a shortage of PPT slides. If PPT doesn’t last by the end of the class, it would be sheer evidence that I was ill-prepared. So I want to have enough slides of PPT. Anyway, I spent so many hours for PPT that I could not finish the evaluation of students’ composition by class hours.



Fortunately I had already finished the evaluation of compositions of Friday class. So I tried evaluating the rest of Thursday class, but I was so tired that I could not do any job in the morning. Composition class was in the early evening. I realized in the class that one of the best students looked so tired and sleepy. I was anxious if the student was okay or not. Got back in my residence I continued the evaluation of compositions of last week. I went to bed at 10 p.m. Since I was so tired, I thought I could fall asleep soon. But I could not sleep until 1 a.m.



I woke up at 6 a.m. as usual. Since it was weekend, I wanted to sleep more, but I could not sleep again. Although I got up, I didn’t feel good. What I could do in the morning was just making two evaluation sheets for compositions that I got from two classes this week. I took a lunch in the university restaurant and then went outside of university to go to a grocery store. I bought a lot of vegetable for a week. I took a nap afternoon and started composition evaluation. One of compositions was so broken in grammar that it took more than one hour for me to write explanation and correction with red ink. I worked for four hours, cooked my supper, thought about work schedule while I was waiting for cooling down of the supper (I don’t like too-hot meal), ate them at 9, and went to bed at 10.



I have to teach the small class three times in “Odds number week”. The coming week is the fifteenth week. I thought I had to prepare well for that class. I made three teaching plans for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday classes. I finished the preparation by 11a.m. And then I started to make a handout for the composition class. Actually the students do not take notes of my lecture. I told them to do so but they don’t seem to do at all. They just see my lecture like TV show. When they write their compositions as a homework assignment, they have already forgotten what they heard from me in the class. I think that one solution would be to give them a handout having a lot of blanks to be filled with. I will make the students fill the blanks during the class so that it will be a kind note-taking. I am not sure if it will work or not, but I want to give it a try. I finished drafting of the handout at 3, wrote this log one hour, and evaluated students’ composition from 4 to 7 p.m. That was the end of my weekend.





<第15週(12月5日, 6日)は、 授業前の提出物は ありません。>


1836組は 12月20日(金)

1837組は 12月19日(木)


発表内容: 私の好きな日本のホップカルチャー


ペア登録: 一緒に発表したい人と登録しなさい。第16週の授業(12日、13日)の時点でペア登録ができていない人は、当日の授業出席はできるが、発表や評価に参加することはできない。

原稿: 必ずスピーチ原稿を作成すること。提出はしなくて良い。書き方も指定しない。1人あたり2分以内、ペアで4分間で発表できる文量にすること。



方法:ひとつのペアが4分間の口頭発表をする。パワーポイントは使用しない。ペアのチームワークを評価するので、二人が ばらばらな発表をしてはならない。



・とても 興味深かった:5点



・あまり 興味がわかない:2点

・ぜんぜん 興味がわかない:1点


・とても 良かった:5点



・あまり 良くなかった:2点