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教科書:新経典日本語 会話教程 第二冊、第2版 第9課~16課 














第13回11課4回目:前回の復習、見える・聞こえる、 応用練習1






















Boiled Mackerels with MISO that is Salty Soy Beans Paste

Steamed Sweet Potato

The photo above is yesterday’s. I boiled sweet potato in the pan. Those were the potato that I planted in my garden last year.

Still the Ground is Covered with Snow in my Region

This is a photo of today. I wanted to take a picture of train running, but those local trains do not come so frequently.

Mackerel in the Package about 4 USD

Today I bought the fish Mackerel. That was not “Horse Mackerel”, but simply “Mackerel”. This is Japan, but we usually see on the supermarket shelves, “Mackerel from Norway”. The mackerel in the photo was not from Norway, but from an Island of Sado which is the major island of Niigata Prefecture.

Mackerel being Boiled with Miso

I boiled them with Miso which is salty soy bean paste for seasoning. Not only Miso, I used also a little bit of sugar, ginger slices, pieces of red pepper, and Japanese Sake for seasoning.

Boiled Mackerel on a Plate

The white slices accompanying with Mackerel is white part of green onion.

My Supper Tonight

Now it’s already the last third (we call it “Gejun”) of Februray. But this winter is cold and still going on. Since the spring semester will start from the coming week, I have been just making PPT slides all day for my classes.

Does He Drink a cup of Water that I put in Front of His Photo?

Viewers of this blog often see the pictures of mountains. Those mountains are all on periphery of Niigata Plain where I live now. Today I am going to write about a mountain which I don’t think I can see from my place, because it is a little far from here, in deeply mountainous area.

One day, when I was a kid, my dad said that he didn’t like mountain climbing. He said the reason. When he was young, he went to climb the Mountain Mikagura (Mikagura-Dake) with his two friends. Bad thing was that, in the middle of summer heat, those three men had just only one bottle of water. My dad had got terrible thirst while walking up and down the Mt. Mikagura. That was the reason of his saying he didn’t like mountain climbing and never wanted to do it again. I was just a kid at that time, but I thought that it was NOT a problem of mountain, but the problem of lack of preparation for mountain climbing in summer.

Now two years have just passed since my dad died. I always offer chrysanthemum flowers, sweet snack like cakes, and a cup of water on his altar. There is a big photograph panel of his face on the altar. Every night before I go to bed, I check the water in the cup. Water in the cup hardly reduce because no one drinks it. Vapor into the room air is little. I also check the water level in flower vase. This one downs every day. I pour water from the cup to the vase so that chrysanthemum flowers could last longer. Then I take the cup to the kitchen, change the water by the tap water, and put it again on the altar, with saying “Hey, dad, drink it”. Of course, there is no answer from the photo frame. I do this because I don’t want him to be thirsty in that world with the same problem that he experienced on Mountain Mikagura in this world.

The Mountain Mikagura is a little far from here. It exists near the border with Fukushima Prefecture. So, it is so deep in the mountainous area between Niigata and Fukushima Prefectures. Now it is winter season, it is difficult to even get closer to the mountain, let alone climbing it. It is cold, there is a lot of snow cover with risk of avalanche. And I don’t have my car (I hate driving). If I want to go there, I have to use public transportation. Even if there were some, I think the buses should be just two or three operations a day. I think I have never seen the mountain, “Mikagura Dake” in the remote area of Aga Town. Now I feel like I want to visit and see the shape of the mountain. Maybe I will find the trail that my dad climbed in his younger days.

Come spring, will I be able to go there? Though I am not sure if it’s possible.

Those Photos on my Desk Top: I just wanted to Clean them up

Curry and Rice that I ate just after I got the second Corona Vaccine Shot last autumn

Red Pepper that I harvested from my garden in last autumn

Lemon marmalade that I made of two lemons and a lot of sugar

Sparrows on Neighbor’s Roof. I actually feed them just a little bit in every morning.

Mountain KAKUDA on the western edge of Niigata Plain

JR Local Train crossing the Ko-Agano River

Green vegetable in my Garden: They cannot grow well because it’s winter. Spring hasn’t come yet.

I used 30 minutes to make this post. I should not waste my time because I have to work hard for the coming semester.

What I saw while I was taking a Walk on Jan.30

Only Two Cars Train on Shin’Etsu JR Line

Shrine: the White Board Writes “Be Careful with Falling Snow from the Roof”

A Shrine area was used to be a playground for kids in the community

But kids are no longer seen because of “Less-Children & More-elderly” Society in Japan.


A train is Crossing the River

That’s it for today’s post. Thanks for taking a look.