Boiled Mackerels with MISO that is Salty Soy Beans Paste

Steamed Sweet Potato

The photo above is yesterday’s. I boiled sweet potato in the pan. Those were the potato that I planted in my garden last year.

Still the Ground is Covered with Snow in my Region

This is a photo of today. I wanted to take a picture of train running, but those local trains do not come so frequently.

Mackerel in the Package about 4 USD

Today I bought the fish Mackerel. That was not “Horse Mackerel”, but simply “Mackerel”. This is Japan, but we usually see on the supermarket shelves, “Mackerel from Norway”. The mackerel in the photo was not from Norway, but from an Island of Sado which is the major island of Niigata Prefecture.

Mackerel being Boiled with Miso

I boiled them with Miso which is salty soy bean paste for seasoning. Not only Miso, I used also a little bit of sugar, ginger slices, pieces of red pepper, and Japanese Sake for seasoning.

Boiled Mackerel on a Plate

The white slices accompanying with Mackerel is white part of green onion.

My Supper Tonight

Now it’s already the last third (we call it “Gejun”) of Februray. But this winter is cold and still going on. Since the spring semester will start from the coming week, I have been just making PPT slides all day for my classes.


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