I didn’t want Those Discounted Horse Mackerels to be Wasted.

Discounted Horse Mackerels

I found them in the supermarket where I always go buy food. Many packages of small horse mackerels were left unsold on the shelve. They were 30 percent discounted from the original price. But the original price was already reasonable because it was less than Two USD. I think that the problem was that they were too small to cook and eat. It was obvious that soon a lot of small horse mackerels were going to be thrown to be waste. Feeling sorry for that, I decided buying them.

Horse Mackerels’ Hard Scale

When you cook horse mackerels, you need to cut the hard scales off from the body side from the tale.

Opened Body of Horse Mackerel

I wouldn’t show you the most cruel part of the cooking process.

Fishes Wrapped with Potato Starch

Put a lot of Potato Starch around the fishes. I didn’t use fresh egg between the fishes and the starch. I just put the starch directly to the fishes.

Fry in a Pan with Oil

Frying uses a lot of Oil. I usually use a good oil (a little expensive one), but for frying, I bought a cheap cooking oil.

The municipal government where I live has been collecting those cooking oils for recycling. I saw many bottles of dirty brown cooking oil were gathered at the entrance of the community center. Since there is a library in that building, I saw it every time I go to borrow books. But recently the city decided to stop collecting the oil. I don’t know why, because the city government doesn’t say anything about the reason explicitly to us. Recycling is good, so I think there must be a reason for stopping the recycling of used cooking oil.

Draining Excess Oil with Cooking Paper

Oil is not good for our health. I put fried fishes onto cooking paper in order to remove excess oil.

Fried Horse Mackerels with Lemon Slice

Actually this is not the completion of the frying horse mackerels with potato starch. But I didn’t have time to do the end process of the cooking because I wanted to serve this for the dinner soon.

We Japanese usually put the fried horse mackerels into a sour sauce and keep it at least one night. The sauce is made of soy sauce, vinegar, and sugar. Ginger and red pepper are used for seasoning. Plus, slices of Carrots, onions, and peppers are accompanied. Those sauce and slices are poured onto fried mackerels and they are kept in the refrigerator. A good things of that are not only good taste, but also the vinegar makes the fish bones softer. When you come to Japan, please try to eat this menu that is “Aji no Namban Dzuke”.

A Japanese Song “Kono Michi (This Road)”

I am not sure for the English translation of the title “Kono Michi”. I prefer “This Path” to “This Road”. But others are using “This Road”. I think I should follow what many people are doing, anyway.
Words and the song are both now public domain.

The image above is a sample to tell you how to start the music. The real one is below.

“Kono Michi” words by Kitahara Hakushuu, song by Yamada Kousaku

「ああ そうだよ」のあたりでaugmentコードっぽい和声にするみたいですが、普通の和音にしました。歌詞も著作権切れですから、あげておきます。


作詞 北原白秋、作曲 山田耕筰

この道は いつか来た道
ああ そうだよ

あの丘は いつか見た丘
ああ そうだよ
ほら白い 時計台だよ

この道は いつか来た道
ああ そうだよ

あの雲も いつか見た雲
ああ そうだよ