Those Photos on my Desk Top: I just wanted to Clean them up

Curry and Rice that I ate just after I got the second Corona Vaccine Shot last autumn

Red Pepper that I harvested from my garden in last autumn

Lemon marmalade that I made of two lemons and a lot of sugar

Sparrows on Neighbor’s Roof. I actually feed them just a little bit in every morning.

Mountain KAKUDA on the western edge of Niigata Plain

JR Local Train crossing the Ko-Agano River

Green vegetable in my Garden: They cannot grow well because it’s winter. Spring hasn’t come yet.

I used 30 minutes to make this post. I should not waste my time because I have to work hard for the coming semester.

What I saw while I was taking a Walk on Jan.30

Only Two Cars Train on Shin’Etsu JR Line

Shrine: the White Board Writes “Be Careful with Falling Snow from the Roof”

A Shrine area was used to be a playground for kids in the community

But kids are no longer seen because of “Less-Children & More-elderly” Society in Japan.


A train is Crossing the River

That’s it for today’s post. Thanks for taking a look.