Online Teaching for Class 1837 (Composition) on June 27, 2020

Date: June 27th on Saturday, 2020 from 13:40 to 15:10 (14:40 – 16:10 in JST)

<This was a supplementary class that was done in irregular hours>

Course: Japanese Basic Composition 2

Used app: Video conference on DingTalk, BBS of the class was also used simultaneously to show the students some pictures.

Numbers of Students:

  – Self-claming attendance on BBS by inputting “Shusseki”: 17

  – Attendances that were confirmed on the display of video conference: 18

Class Activities:

 – Composition: part of book was shown to the students and they wrote a short essay about their impressions. The article was page 52 -56 of “Iryou-no koto, motto shitte hoshii” by Mr.Jun’ichiro YAMAOKA, which was the No.637 book of “Iwanami Junior Shinso” series. This was about a terminally ill old lady who was brought back to her house for the last moment with her family. 

 – Reading aloud: A student was called online and asked to read part of his/her draft of paper about tourism of a particular prefecture in Japan. Usually it was 1 minutes 30 seconds.    


  – Drafting a memo for 1 minutes speech that would be spoken in the next composition class.

Issues and Problems:

So two activities were being done simultaneously in this composition class. While most of the students were writing, one student was reading part of his/her paper. Since I knew that it took time to connect and disconnect a student one by one, I decided to call a student and to ask him/her to read under the condition that the video conference with everyone was going on. It should have been noisy for other students, but I didn’t want to waste time. Today I scolded some students whose attendance and attitude were not good. This must have created uncomfortable atmosphere for other students.


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