Morning Market in Niitsu, Niigata-shi, JAPAN

I like to go there. The morning market in Niitsu is held on the following days of a month. Niitsu is a town in Akiha-ward of Niigata city, JAPAN.

1st, 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st, and 26th days of a month, from 8:00 a.m. to noon

1st-6th day Morning Market in Niitsu, Niigata-shi, JAPAN

Of course I went to her shop to buy Kimchi.

Ms. Minami Yamashita’s Kimchi Shop

And I always go to papa’s&mom’s fruit shop near Yamashita-san’s Kimchi shop.

Fruits Shop in Niitsu Morning Market

Now it is no longer the season apple, I don’t see any good and reasonable apples in nearby supermarket. I had expected that his shop would be still selling apples.My expectation was right. His shop was selling the yellow apple “Shinano-Gold” which is a new apple with good balance of sweetness and sour taste. He was selling them with very reasonable prices because Shinano-gold apples have scratches and a little colored portions. They were usually not on the shelves in ordinary supermarkets.

Citrus fruits in Niitsu Morning Market

Flowers are being sold. If you plant those seedlings on your garden, you can enjoy the flowers from the day-1 without waiting to grow and for so long until winter comes.

Flower Seedlings in Niitsu Morning Market

Fishes are also being sold. I thinks one portion of squids is too much. Only a big family will be able to buy.

Fishes and Squids in Niitsu Morning Market

This small shop is selling vegetables and white collar flowers.

White Collar Flowers is being Sold with Vegetable

When it comes to Flowers, I asked this lady to make a flower bundle. Just before I left home, I was asked by my mom to buy the flowers to offer my dad.

Flower Shop in Niitsu Morning Market

So these are what I bought yesterday in the Niitsu Morning Market.

Chinese cabbage kimchi: 700-yen

Radish Kimchi: 500-yen

Shinano-Gold apple: 500-yen

Tribute Flowers: 1000-yen

Butterbur (Green Stems in the photo): 200-yen

2,900 JPY purchase in Niitsu Morning Market on June 6, 2020

An old lady told me how to cook the butterbur. I cooked as she told me, but I spent an hour to peel off them. I boiled them by soy sauce with small chips of ginger and red pepper.

Butterbur boiled wit Soy Sauce

Thanks for reading to the end.