Online Teaching for Class 1836 (Composition) on Jun. 2, 2020

Date: June 2nd on Tuesday, 2020 from 15:30 to 17:00 (16:30 – 18:00 in JST)

Course: Japanese Basic Composition 2

Used app: Streaming on DingTalk, Presentation by Powerpoint with 63 slides

Numbers of Students: 27. The class has 28 members. One student was absent today because of his?her? medical reason.

24 students participated for whole 90 minutes.

2 students were recorded for their short attendances: 84 and 64 minutes, respectively. One student was recorded as absent by the system but this student sent me 5-question quiz. This is why I think there were 27 participants : 24+2+1

Responses to my requests like Quiz answers onto BBS:

– Attendance check by reporting his/her-selves: 27.

– 5 Quiz were given to the students during the class. Answers to the 5-quiz were sent to me right after the class. 26 students sent the answers to me.

– I would not have any responses from the students if the 5-question quiz were only thing that I assigned to them. In order to get responses, I asked the students to input the highest temperature of the day in each students city at the half way point of the 90 minutes class.  23 students responded. And the temperature varied from 20 to 37 Celsius degree.


1. Review for the 5-q quiz of the last class. The followings were topics; V-te miru for trying to do something, abstract nouns, especially “koto”, Ending point “-made”, and so on.

2. Writing a paper about the sightseeing of a particular prefecture of Japan.

A student needs to pay attention not to use “desu-masu style” for their writing. Font must be MS mincho, not Simsun. Introduction of a prefecture’s tourism has to focus on topic that a student wants to write a suggestion, and so on.

3. Some tips for writing a composition using the textbook.

Differences on usages between “hazu” and “beki”.


To write the suggestion to the tourism on the Prefecture.

Issues and Problems:

I was confused verbs’ forms of potential, honorable, and passive.

I implicitly gave a caution to a student who recently have not sent me homework. The student sent a message to me after the class.


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