Online Teaching for Class 1939 (Listening) on Apr.15, 2020

Date: April 15th on Wednesday, 2020 from 8:00 to 9:30 (9:00 – 10:30 in JST)

Course: Japanese Listening 2

Used app: Streaming on DingTalk, Presentation by Powerpoint (52 slides)

Numbers of Students: 27

26 students stayed with me from the start to the end. One student is recorded his?her shorter attendance of 61minutes.

Students’ Responses:

– Attendance Check : All the 27 students typed his/her attendance on BBS

– Quiz 1 : 24 students answered. This question was to measure students’ understanding about listening materials. Most students sent wrong answers.

– Quiz 2: 25  answered. Questions are to check if the students know several usages of particle “-no” or not. The students were asked to choose a wrong usage of “-no” that was “-no” placed between an I-adjective and a noun.This error happens quite often for this country’s Japanese learners.

– Quiz3: 23 answered. This question was to ask what type of speech style was used in the conversation.

– Quiz at the End: 26 students typed a clause of “V1 nagara V2-masu”.


1: Review of conversation for suggestion and invitation.

2: Redo of two listening activities that were done in the last class. One was daily life of three persons, the other was talks travel experiences by three persons.

3: Preparation for the Section 15

– V-te Kudasai / V-nai de Kudasai

– V1 nagara V2

– Making a noun phrase from a verb phrase by placing “-no”

– To express the purpose of movement with “V(-masu) + ni + transferring verbs”

– Usages of Te-forms that appeared in section 15 of the textbook.

Homework Assignment:

– Writing “V-nai de Kudasai” and “V-te imasu” from dictionary forms.

Issues and Problems:

– This is a listening class. But the section 15 of the textbook includes a lot of important grammatical issues. It needs explanations in addition to listening activities that are needed most.


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