Dinner at Chinese Restaurant “Mampukuen (Wanfuyuan)” -3

Hi, this is the website for “0 yen! Japanese Lesson”. Come to my class that is taken place in “CROSS PAL NIIGATA” in Ishizuecho, Niigata. Please check the latest information on this site. Note that even though my class is “Mian Fei ! Ri Yu Jiao Shi” in Chinese characters, my Japanese lesson is not only for Chinese, but for everyone who wants to learn Japanese language.

Wednesday night I went to Manpukuen in Honcho for my dinner. The restaurant is in front of Takeyama Hospital. It is near the back door of Itoyokado supermarket. Please google the latitude and longitude below for exact location.


It was a just before 9 p.m., already a little late for dinner. There were two Japanese customers other than me.


What should we think about drinking this kind of liquids? One of my answers is that, if I ordered only food menu, this Chinese restaurant could get a very few profit because prices of dishes are surprisingly cheap. I don’t ask to make this hot or cold, but I only ask them to serve this as “room temperature”. So it is not labor-consuming for them to serve this to me.


Here is my dinner. Egg plants something—I forgot the name.


Close up photo


As always, this thing should be left. The lady in the restaurant received this and gave me a lot of cookies. Thanks a lot, I do appreciate them.





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