Dinner at Thai Food Restaurant “Thai Fight Gold” in Furumachi -1

Hi, this is the website for “0 yen! Japanese Lesson”. Come to my class that is taken place in “CROSS PAL NIIGATA” in Ishizuecho, Niigata. Please check the latest information on this site. Note that even though my class is “Mian Fei ! Ri Yu Jiao Shi” in Chinese characters, my Japanese lesson is not only for Chinese, but for everyone who wants to learn Japanese language.

Tonight I went to a Thai food restaurant “Thai Fight Gold” in Furumachi 8-banchi. It is one block north from the Bus route, the opposite side of road of Niigata City Hotel. Please use the following latitude and longitude for google maps.


Website of “Thai Fight Gold”

It is on the second floor (in British sense, the first floor), but you will easily find the place because these boards are put around the entrance.


Because it’s the center of night entertainment area of Furumachi, and the inside of the restaurant looked like a night club, I actually worried about the charge they would ask my to pay.


For the first time in a Thai food restaurant, I always order Green Curry.


The lady in the restaurant told me that these pieces of red pepper were so hot. Thanks to her advice, I got rid of them to avoid a fire incident in my mouth. If a fire had happened, my beer would have been a fire extinguisher. Luckily enough that did not happen.

You see green leaves as well as red pepper. I asked the lady and chef what herb this was. He said like “Holaper” (Sorry for misspelling, I don’t know the correct one). The herb had so good flavor that I wanted to plant it on my garden. Checking on the internet, it seems to be “sweet basil”. Let me plant seeds of it in back of my house some day.


Here came the Advertisement paper towel of my Japanese lesson. When I paid, I handed this to the lady. Although one of my concerns was that the charge would be expensive in such a night club like place, it was quite reasonable! Don’t worry about that, you guys. This is very good Thai restaurant. Actually people in Chad recommended me coming here. I also strongly recommend you. Go eat a lot of Thai food in “Thai Fight Gold”!


またまた1,730円ぽっちで、宣伝ティッシュを 配ってください などとお願いする ずうずうしいおっさんです。グリーンカレーにのっているハーブは何ですかときいたら「ボラパー」というふうにおっしゃっていました。ネットで調べたらスウィートバジルだそうで、きっと種も売っていることでしょう。春が来たら、畑に植えてみたいです。



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