A Dream that I saw this Morning, but didn’t Cause any Overslept

Yellow Flowers of “Tsuwa-Buki” in my Garden

In the dream, I was going to marry a lady. I hadn’t expected such thing happened to me. And it seemed that things were going well. I was surprised there was one person who would be with me.

Remaining Seedlings of Lettuce; I have already planted some on the Ground.

But soon, I found that she was no longer there. I mean she just disappeared. Actually I felt like that I had just confirmed again there was no one who wanted to be with me. To me, it’s just a usual thing.

Mountain Gozu, famous in Niigata Plain

So that was the time I woke up this morning at usual time. Now my mom is staying at my sister’s house near Tokyo. I don’t have to prepare breakfast for my mom. Besides, there is one hour time difference between me and my students, I don’t have to get up early. In this opportunity, I should have slept more in order to get rid of my tiredness. But the dream made me wake up. That was a dream that I didn’t need to see.

Autumn Sky