A Dream that Caused Overslept This Morning

Japanese White Radish “Daikon” in my Garden

Several years have already past since I quit the company. I used to be a company man. Some times I dream in the night in which my company and coworkers appear. But I am too sleepless to see a dream in the night recent months because of exhausting hard work as a Japanese language teacher.

The Only Persimmon Remaining in my Garden. Others all Fell down

The dream that I saw this morning was quite a weird one. In the dream, I had to start working in a company in U.S. I am Japanese and not good at speaking English. To my surprise, I saw many of my old coworkers in Japan were working there. They had moved from Japan to U.S. prior to me. Those Japanese were quite good English speakers and were communicating as bilingual. I thought I could never speak English as well as they do. Since I didn’t know how to work in U.S., I became really anxious if I could work there. And then one Japanese lady teased me saying my English was very poor.

Another “Only One”, my Fig tree is still too small to have many Fig Fruits

She made fun of me. That was the time that I woke up this morning. It was already 6:40 a.m., a little later than my usual getting up time. I got up with mixed feeling but tried speeding up cooking breakfast for me and my 83 year-old mom.

Dahlia Flowers