Afternoon Walk under the Late Autumn Sunshine in Niigata, JAPAN

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I took a walk on Thursday afternoon. Actually it was between two conversation classes on that day. I expected that I could take a photo of Iide Montain that had been “more white”.

a chrysanthemum flowers and Yahiko Mountain in Niigata Plains

Susuki, a wild plant that can be seen anywhere in fall season in Japan


Snow covered Iide mountain in November, view from Akiha-ward Niigata-shi

The audio embedded below is my electric bass play. I usually play a bass with two fingers. I don’t like to use so-called “pick” which is a triangle plastic piece. Let alone “SLAP”. But I played this by slapping as a kind of practice for the technique that I am not good at. The piece is “Chorus of frogs (かえるの合唱)” which is a very famous song in Japan. It is said to be an old Deutsch traditional folk song, but I am not sure.


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