Late Autumn in Niigata under the Dark Sky

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a persimmon on the cutting board

So I decided to eat this bitter persimmon because part of it became so soft.

pieces of persimmon ready for eating

Some slices that were so soft were sweet a little. Some slices that were not so soft were tasted as if remaining some bitterness. My conclusion was simple. Sawashi-gaki was far better than this. I mean, sawashi-gaki is persimmon that got rid of bitterness by strong alcohol.

View of Iide Mountain, from Niigata

I went out with my Olympus camera when I finished the online conversation class for sophomore students at 4p.m. on Friday. So it was getting dark already. Now it is late autumn. The top of the Mountain IIDE was already covered with snow.

I heard these days voices of swans flying over my head, I mean, in the sky. They are coming from Siberia to Japan to spend winter time. I saw one of them on Saturday morning. She/he was alone, though they are always in herds. I wished her safe migration.

Leaves in my garden have turned to red and yellow, although this happens in everywhere in northern hemisphere in this time around, anyway.

This region is cold, so it is impossible to raise rice crops twice a year. The paddy fields are left as-is through the winter.

Farming people like to plant flowers at the edges of their fields. When I took these photos, rain started falling. I gave up taking photos and came back house.

I wish if I had more time to practice this.


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