Online Teaching for Class 1837 (Conversation) on Apr.27, 2020

Date: April 27th on Monday, 2020 from 8:00 to 9:30 (9:00 – 10:30 in JST)

Course: Japanese Conversation 4

Used app: Streaming on DingTalk, Presentation by Powerpoint with 60 slides

Numbers of Students: 22 out of 28, Number of completely absent was 6

Fully attendant for 90min : 17

Shorter signing-in: 79*2, 67, 59 minutes, and the shortest was 19 seconds.

Responses onto the BBS:

– Attendance check by a student his/herself: 25. Of these, three students were recorded as completely absent by the system.

– 1st Quiz: 15 students responded. The quiz was to measure students’ understanding about the listenin material.

– 2nd Quiz:17 students responded. The question was to choose the correct use of the conditional conjunctive particle “-tara” and “-to”. When the students started typing their answers, they were referring to what the first and second students had typed on BBS. Actually those answers “B” were not correct. When about half students typed their erroneous answer “B”, then one student typed the correct answer “A”. Then the last half students typed “A”. It was a simple thing. Most of them didn’t think of answers by themselves. But I thought the student who typed “A” first thought of her answer herself. So I sent a message to praise her courage after the class.

– Attendance check at the end: 21 students responded. It is my fault that I left yesterday’s the-last-quiz unchanged because I have not enough time to check whole through my lengthy power-point slides. However, this quiz was also important to check participation of the students to online class, therefore I asked the students to type their answers.


– Listening to a conversation between two part time job workers.

– Review and exercise of a little formal negation “-zuni”.

– Exercise of “-ba” and “-nara”

– Listening comprehension of conversation using “-ba” and “-nara”.

– Introduction of a conditional conjunctive particle “-to”.

Homework Assignment:

Since there would be 10 days by the next class, more homework was assigned than usual.

-1 : Small test of the section 13 of the textbook.

-2 : Completing three conversation scripts by filling words.

-3 : Listening and reading aloud the script of two part time job workers.

Issues and Problems:

I had two classes in the day. I didn’t have enough time to prepare for this class, although I started at 3 a.m. and worked by the start of the class at 9 a.m. (in Japan standard time). In order to fill the less teaching material of powerpoint slides, I inserted a listening material from Min’nano Nihongo. That was a conversation in the section 35, which uses the conditional conjunctive particles “-ba” and “-nara”. It, somehow, worked. If I were a seasoned teacher, I would have had enough teaching material that can kill the time. But  I am not. Until I have had enough stock of teaching material, my hard working style through the night will continue.


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