Online Teaching for Class 1836 (Composition) on Apr.7, 2020

Date: April 7th on Tuesday, 2020 from 15:30 to 17:00 (16:30 – 18:00 in JST)

Course: Japanese Basic Composition 2

Used app: Streaming on DingTalk, Presentation by Powerpoint with 84 slides

Numbers of Students: 28

25 students participated for whole 90 minutes.

2 students were recorded for their short attendances: 75, 22 minutes

1 students was completely absent.

Responses to my requests like Quiz answers onto BBS:

Attendance check by reporting his/her-selves: 27.

Five quiz were assigned during class. Students sent the answers to me right after the class. Only 21 of 27 students did so. 5pt by 13 St, 4pt by 5, 3pt by 2, 2pt by 1 student.


1st half:

– Caution about over-generalization of “Wa-ga construction”

– Feedback of proofreading and corrections on the first draft of “Ad for a home electric appliance”

2nd half:

– Review for the last class about inconsistencies between beginning and ending of a sentence.

– Connecting two clauses in order to write a longer sentence.


1:Writing the second draft of a new product of electric appliance for family use.

2: Filling the blanks with particles in conjunction with a verb.

Issues and Problems:

The number of PPT slides were too many. It means my wasting time for preparation. I know that I could save my time if I measure the minutes and second for each slide and sum up those times with number of slides. This means that a rehearsal is needed. Even if a rehearsal takes time, it could be shorten total hours for preparation time. I know this, but I feel it difficult to do rehearsal when time is ticking before the class.

Since I give students a homework assignment of second drafting, I have to send the first draft back to students. But I haven’t finished proofreading yet. I apologized for the delay on BBS.


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