Dinner in Chinese Restaurant “Harupin Sancho (Harbin Can ting)”-3

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On Wednesday I went to Haerbin Canting (hā ěr bīn cān tīng, 哈尔滨餐厅, Harupin Sancho, Halupin Sancho, Harubin Sanchou, Harbin Restaurant) in Furumachi. It was for my dinner. For your convenience, the following is latitude and longitude for Google maps.


To tell the truth, I went to Tosho-hanten in Honcho first. But the restaurant was closed because now is the time of Chinese New Year. They are having a long vacation. I wish the family take a good rest and come back to Niigata in March. What was in my head was Shrimp with Chili sauce when I was heading to Tosho-Hanten. I saw the restaurant was being closed and then I turned to Harpin Canting.


My mind was so much occupied with Chili Sauced Shrimp, as I got to Harbin Canting, I immediately ordered it and rice without checking the menu. Actually I should have ordered “Ebi Tama Han” which was a set menu with several dishes with chili sauced shrimp. But I think it is okay, because sometimes it is good to have a simple meal like you see in the photo.


Japanese call this famous Chinese food dish “Ebichili”.

By the way, this is Harbin Can ting. So the name of the restaurant tells us that they came from the northern part of China. I asked the lady in the restaurant, with several Chinese restaurants’ names in Niigata, if there was a  Chinese restaurant whose cook came from the southern part of China. She was not sure. Even she was not sure for names of other Chinese restaurants. Although I had an impression that Chinese people would have a strong tie with other Chinese as a network in a foreign country like here, maybe I am not correct. Perhaps it is because this Harupinsancho is located in the center of night entertainment area of Furumachi. The customers are coming midnight and early morning. Open hours of this restaurant are different from other Chinese restaurants in Honcho. So she has less time to communicate with other Chinese. But these are just my guesses.


Of course I left this package. When I asked her “Zhong guo ren lai ma?” She answered to me “Lai”. This time my Chinese was smoothly understood.







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