A Rare Sunny day in Late Autumn in Northern Part of JAPAN, Niigata.

Today I went to a funeral of my cousin. The person was the first cousin who died on my mother’s side. I participated the funeral until the casket was hidden behind the steel doors in cremation cite. When other relatives were leaving the funeral place for the deceased person’s parents’ home to have a lunch, I said good-bye to them. They gave me two lunch boxes for my mother and me. One of my uncles gave me a ride to the nearest JR station. I got on a local train to come back to my house. Those people, after lunch, would have been back to the cremation cite to pick up bones. One hour train ride took me to a small town where I live. It was already in late afternoon. Since I saw the Mountain Iide was already white from the train window, I took my digital camera and went outside again to take a picture. That was the photo above. On a rare sunny day in northern part of Japan, a soul of deceased person was gone for one-way trip.



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