Weekly Logs: Dec.14 – 20, 2020

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Dec.14 on Monday
9:05-10:25: Reading class, online, for class 1939. The article was four speeches in one’s life; they are speeches in wedding, retirement party, golden wedding ceremony, and funeral. So the title was “Jinsei (a life)”. After the class, I wrote my weekly log. It was already afternoon when I completed uploading the last week’s log onto here, wordpress. The main dish of the supper was the same one as the day before; boiled chicken legs. On Sunday in the supermarket, chicken legs were very cheap and there was much I the package. I worked after the supper. I proofread three drafts for monthly newsletter, and sent the corrections to three students. I finished working at 9 p.m. and practiced my electric bass for 30 minutes or so.

Dec. 15 on Tuesday
At 7:30 I started working. I recorded my voice reading new words in the new chapter of the textbook. I uploaded the mp3 to BBS on Dingtalk. And then I started making PPT for that new chapter of Conversation textbook. I went to the “Outside World” at 10:50a.m. I got on a local train at the nearest JR station and got off at the next station. And then I went D.I.Y shop to buy some lumbers. Those woods were 2 meter long, so I didn’t get on a train but walked back to my house. It was more than 2 mile. When I came back, it was already noon. I spent whole of afternoon to make a table from lumbers so that I can work sitting on a chair. I know it sounds funny. But I have been working without a chair since the end of February. I have been in a Japanese style Tatami mat room. I was always sitting on the Zabuton which was a small cushion to sitting on the tatami mat directly. It makes my legs aching severely when I keep working for long hours. So I decided recently that I need a table with good height so that I can work sitting on a chair. There was a chair, but not a table. It was necessary to make a lot of hole for wood screws. But I didn’t have drill. I had to make a lot of holes using a gimlet. My palms were so aching that I thought I could not exercise my electric bass for several days. Anyway I completed my table at 9 p.m. I soon went to bed.

Dec. 16 on Wednesday
I sent emails to four students in the morning. I approved completion of their drafting for December edition of monthly newsletter. Then I checked the textbook that I would use in the next semester. After the lunch I took a nap for an hour. Then I went to the supermarket to buy food for supper. I bought a whole of horse mackerel. Actually it was for raw fish “Sashimi”, but I cut the body in half so that could be heated in the grill. Yes I grilled the fish for sashimi. I worried about raw fish, wanted to practice to cutting a fish, and after all, fishes for sashimi meant they should be fresh. Three hours after supper was spent for making PPT that would be used in the conversation class in the following day.

Dec. 17 on Thursday
I taught two conversation classes. One was for class 1938 from 9:05 to 10:25. The other was for class 1939 from 14:40 to 16:00. Between the two classes I was just making PPT for the classes. I cooked pork for supper. I continued to work for two hours after the supper. 30 minutes Bass practice before going to bed.

Dec. 18 on Friday
As soon as I finished my breakfast, I started sending feedback to 1939 students for their answers to the quiz on Thursday class. And I taught for that class, 1939, a conversation class from 9:05 to 10:25. Since the PPT for the afternoon class was already completed, I started another PPT making for the reading class on coming Monday. Before the afternoon class, I quickly went to the supermarket and came back. I bought fishes that were female “Hata-hata”, and chicken breast for main dishes of supper for two nights. My shopping pattern is simple. Every time I went shopping, I buy fish and meat for two nights. So I go there once a two-day. I worked two hours after the supper to send feedbacks to 1938 students for their answers to quiz in the afternoon class.

Dec. 19 on Saturday
Most of the hours in the day were not spent for working. It is rare for me to spend my time other than work. Anyway I made a plan to make my room better for working. This was because I needed to bear the chilly winter time and to work more effectively to prepare for the coming spring semester. Once I made a shopping list, I got on a local JR train to get to another D.I.Y. shop in the town next to my village. Buying some stuff with 7000JPY or some, I came back to my house and started working to change my room. I finished at 5 p.m. cooked supper, ate it, and spent two hours for PPT making for Monday reading class. Before going to bed, I took a bath. But I regret bathing because I could not warm up my body by Japanese style bathing. It was not just cold but even dangerous if I take a bath in such freezing circumstance.

Dec. 20 on Sunday
I kept working most of the day to make PPT for Monday reading class. I took a walk in the afternoon. The photo below was taken during the walk. And then I went shopping. I took a nap for an hour. Around 4 p.m. I started make “lemon in honey” and “Yusu citrus in honey” as shown in the photograph. I worked for PPT making after the supper and completed it.

Photo taken in Niigata JAPAN

Photo taken in Niigata JAPAN



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