LQ Laoshi Plays BACH on Electric Bass Again

My electric bass Ibanez SR500 has got a problem with its built-in amplifier. It doesn’t work to generate bass sounds but makes noise like the following audio recording. Probably you will regret hearing the sound. I bought this Ibanez bass in 2010, in Tokyo. It has been already ten years. Since 10 years are not short for a life of an electric circuit, I don’t think I can complain about this.

Noise sounds from pre-amplifier of SR500 (414kB)


Electric Bass Ibanez SR500 that I bought in Tokyo Ten Years Ago

So I changed my main bass from Ibanez to Bacchus. The big difference between Ibanez and Bacchus is with or without the amplifier inside. Ibanez basses always have an active circuit which is a built-in amplifier, but Bacchus basically doesn’t have an active circuit inside of bass. I had an experience of using Ibanez for three years in past, I was always worry about troubles on active circuit. The pre-amplifier used 9-volt battery which also had a problem for availability in store. I want to say that I like passive pick-up for my bass. It is simple, no need to worry about battery and electric circuit.

I played the most famous piece from J. S. Bach’s Unaccompanied Cello Suite, that is Prelude from Suite No.1.  I am not a good bassist, but I hope you enjoy it. The original cello version uses the open string of A near the end. I guess that the A-string of a cello is the highest. I also use the open A string for that part on my bass. But the A string on bass is the second lowest. So what is being played in high in the original is played in low in my version. Please do not complain about this. Because I know that many bassists have made much effort to play this A notes in high for this Bach Piece. If you play in low, actually it would be very easy. I admit my technique is poor but I am expecting that J.S.Bach in heaven might allow me to do so.

J. S. Bach, Unaccompanied Cello Suite No.1, Prelude in G major (2.70MB)


Bass:WJB-330M YLW by Bacchus

Strings:D’Addario, Extra-Light of Balanced Tension

Amplifier:  Not a Bass Amplifier, but a cheap audio Amp.

No editing!

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