Online Teaching for Class 1837 (Conversation) on Mar.27, 2020

Date: March 27th on Friday, 2020 from 13:40 to 15:10 (14:40 – 16:10 in JST)

Course: Japanese Conversation 4

Used app: Streaming on DingTalk, Presentation by Powerpoint with 76 slides

Numbers of Students: 28

Fully attendant for 90min : 19,    Completely Absent : 4,

Shorter signing-in: 59, 37, 36, 22minutes, and the shortest was 18seconds.

Responses onto the BBS:

– Attendance check: 25

– 1st Quiz: 18   Quiz is to find the sentence that uses auxiliary verb “Souda” for hearsay among other sentences that use “Souda” for guess.

– 2nd Quiz: 19  Quiz is to tell the similarity of conjugation between “Youda” and “Na-adjectives”

– Attendance check at the end: 18     This was also done in the form of quiz that requires to select the right combination for connections between (1) Adjective”Ii” and “Souda” for guess, and (2) Adjective “Ii” and “Youda”.


– Auxiliary verb “Youda”

Homework Assignment: No homework at this time

Issues and Problems:

The number of PPT slides were more than what I could use in a class of 90 minutes. That meant I wasted hours for preparation for those slides. I should have predict how many slides could be used in 90 minutes class. In order to make prediction accurate, I should have measured how many minutes and seconds each slide would take and calculated total number of slides.



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