Dinner at Korean Restaurant “Chidimi”-4

Hi, this is the website for “0 yen! Japanese Lesson”. Come to my class that is taken place in “CROSS PAL NIIGATA” in Ishizuecho, Niigata on Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon. Please note that Saturday afternoon class is exclusively for a beginner who hardly know anything about Japanese. The latest information is always shown at the top of this site so that you can get time schedule and room numbers. The nearest bus stop is Ishizuecho, however some buses don’t stop at this bus stop. In such a case, please get off a bus at Honcho and come back a little to the direction of Shinano River. The instructor has finished “Japanese Language Teacher Training Course (420 hours and above) and passed the “Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test” administered by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services on October 22, 2017.

I went to Chidimi that is Korean restaurant in Niigata. It is near Honcho Market and next to “International Barcode”. Please use the following latitude and longitude to search on  Googlemaps.


It is on the ground floor of a very old Japanese style wooden house. The wall is painted yellow so it is easy for you to find.


I ordered Kimchi Pork on the rice “Buta Kimuchi Donburi”.


I would say, there was a lot of pork, probably too much pork for my small stomach.


By the way, the important mission in Chidimi was to replace the monthly flier. If you want to see the following yellow flier, go to Chidimi and eat a lot of Korean Food.





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