Dinner at Korean Restaurant “Do Re Mi”-2

Hi, this is the website for “0 yen! Japanese Lesson”. Come to my class that is taken place in “CROSS PAL NIIGATA” in Ishizuecho, Niigata on Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon. Please check the latest information on this site for the exact time and room numbers. The nearest bus stop is Ishizuecho, however some buses don’t stop at this bus stop. In such a case, please get off a bus at Honcho and come back a little to the direction of Shinano River. The instructor has finished “Japanese Language Teacher Training Course (420 hours and above) and passed the “Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test” administered by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services on October 22, 2017.

And let me tell you my “Running around Furumachi”.  I went to Korean restaurant “Doremi(ドレミ) tonight and had a dinner there. It is a little difficult to tell you the location in English, so please google the following latitude and longitude. Anyway it is in the “drinking area” of Furumachi, Niigata.


Actually the photo below was taken last time on December 2018. I forgot to take a photo tonight because I was too drunken. As you see in the photo, Do, Re, and Mi are put on the places for Fa, La, and Do, respectively. But if you put them the correct positions on Do, Re, and Mi, they are too high or low. So you shouldn’t care such tiny thing. And I tell you, the important thing is that the one sharp is on the right position, I mean on Fa. So I think the person who made this lighting sign knew well about music sheet.


I ordered beer first. These three are “Otoushi”. The left is egg plants, the center is turnip (I have got to know this word this time first), and the right is slices of Daikon.


You guys know that I had already visited Korean restaurants many times. One thing I have noticed is that, even in Korean restaurant, it is rare to eat Kimchi these days. It is funny because Kimchi is the most important dish in Korean food. But I haven’t seen it as Banchan recently. Of course I can order Kimchi as one dish. But I worry that it may be too big to one person. Thinking about this issue well, I have reached a solution. Tonight is the time to try that solution. I ordered Kimchi Chigae.


I ordered Kimchi Chigae, but I saw the lady opened a can of SPAM in the preparation. Actually it was dream-like moment for me because I had another issue about Korean food. It was that I cannot order Budae Chigae for me because it is too big for one person. Maybe an explanation is needed. Budae Chige’s Budae means army unit. So the dish is always big such that is served in the army unit. And there is a rule. Budae chige must use SPAM.  I have long been dreamed to eat Budae chige with SPAM in Korean restaurant. But I have never eaten. Although it was not exactly a Budae Chigae, I would say, my dream came true tonight. I found many slices of SPAM in my Kimchi chigae.


When I left Doremi, I left 20 packages of paper towel as advertisement of my Japanese lesson. Go to Doremi in Furumachi and eat a lot of Korean Food.






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