Dinner in Korean Restaurant “Sumire” -2

Hi, this is the website for “0yen! Japanese Lesson”. The lessons are usually done on Wednesday night and Saturday afternoon. Exact times and room numbers are shown in this web site, please check them out and come to my class. The classes are taken place in “CROSS PAL NIIGATA” in Ishizuecho, Niigata. The instructor has finished “Japanese Language Teacher Training Course (420 hours and above) and passed the “Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test” administered by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services on October 22, 2017.

Anyway, last night I went to Sumire (すみれ) which is a Korean restaurant in Furumachi.  The lady who runs Sumire had worked in “Matsuya” for 15 years. She said now she has got used to her new restaurant, Sumire. Sumire is a Japanese word that means “lily”. The sign board in front of the restaurant says “Old Matsuya” with the new name “Sumire”. The restaurant is located on the following latitude and longitude. Google them! and go eat her Korean food!


This is the second time for me to come to Sumire. Last time I ate Sundup Chige. This time I ate Chidimi with beer. She gave me salty sea weed with sesame oil which you can see upper right in the photo. This restaurant is clean and has nice atmosphere. And you can enjoy talking to her. Recommended.







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