Weekly Logs: Sep.21 – 27, 2020

Photographs on the week (Another blog of mine)

Monday, September 21
I taught two classes in the morning and in the evening as usual. In addition to the classes, I had to instruct a nominee of speech contest. I sent her my handwriting that indicate low-high accent of Japanese in red ink.in

Tuesday, September 22
I taught two classes in the morning and in the evening as usual. Both were business manner classes.

Wednesday, September 23
I worked all day except one hour from 2p.m. I went to a dentist. Thanks to national health insurance, Japanese can see a doctor with reasonable cost. I got strange feeling in my mouth because of an aesthesia.

Thursday, September 24
I taught three classes. I worked even in the night. It was almost midnight when I finished working

Friday, September 25
I lost my memory I don’t remember the day. But it was sure that I taught two classes that were conversation course for the second grade.

Saturday, September 26
I went to a morning market in Niitsu. There is one man who comes to the morning market in this time of season. He brings and sells his grapes. Unfortunately his farm couldn’t produce any “Kyoho” grape this year, though I didn’t hear the reason. He was only selling a tiny amount of “Shine Muscat”. One tray was 1,000JPY. He laid only three plastic trays of Shine Muscat on his blue-sheet. They looked clean green fruits. But I saw behind him, there were some grapes whose peel had got some stains. I asked him to sell me that brawn stained Shine Muscat by 1,000 yen. He got happy because he could sell unpopular grapes with stains on the peel surface. He put a lot on a plastic tray and sold it to me.

Sunday, September 27
I worked almost all day. But I took a walk just an hour from 3 to 4p.m. While walking I found a board as below.

I don’t think a dog can read that Japanese sentence.

Weekly Logs: Sep.14 – 20, 2020

Photographs on the week (Another blog of mine)

Monday, September 14
9:05 – 10:25 Reading for Second grade, Class F
16:25 – 17:45 Business manner for Fourth grade, Class A
The business class was about communication between colleagues.

Tuesday, September 15
8:55 – 10:15 Business Manner for Fourth grade, Class A
16:25 – 17:45 Business manner for Fourth grade, Class B
Between the two classes, I went to supermarket to buy food. And then I took a nap before the evening class that was the business class. I talked about team work in business, effectiveness on communication, and business attire.

Wednesday, September 16
I worked all day because I had to make two PPT slide shows for the conversation classes on Thursday and Friday. Since I had to teach three classes on Thursday, there was no time on Thursday to prepare for Friday.

Thursday, September 17
9:05 – 10:25 Conversation for Second grade, Class E
10:50 – 12:10 Business manner for Fourth grade, Class B
14:40 – 16:00 Conversation for Second grade, Class F
The toughest day of the week, but on that day, I was liberated from household, because my mom had gone for a travel, although I cook the meals only as household. Cooking only for me was far easier and less time consuming than cooking for two.

Friday, September 18
8:55 – 10:15 Conversation for Second grade, Class F
14:40 – 16:00 Conversation for Second grade, Class E
I wanted to go to bed earlier because it was the last weekday. But I proofread a draft of speech contest in which one of my students wanted to participate.

Saturday, September 19
I went to a supermarket in the morning hours to buy food and flowers. I wanted to offer new flowers by my father’s photograph, because my aunts and an uncle came to my house to pray. It was the time of the first autumn OHIGAN since my dad died. After they left, I went out for a walk and took some digital photos.

Sunday, September 20
I worked all day. Preparation for the classes on Monday was the only thing that I did on Sunday.

Weekly Logs: Sep.7 – 13, 2020

Photographs on the week (Another blog of mine)

Monday, September 7
9:05 – 10:25 Reading for Second grade, Class F
16:25 – 17:45 Business manner for Fourth grade, Class A

Tuesday, September 8
8:55 – 10:15 Business Manner for Fourth grade, Class A
16:25 – 17:45 Business manner for Fourth grade, Class B
Between the two classes, I went to haircut. It was only just 1,100 JPY. One customer who got haircut before me came back and claimed the finishing of his hair. At the time I had already sat on the chair in front of the mirror, but I had to stand up from the chair for him.

Wednesday, September 9
There was no class on Wednesday. I went to supermarket by walk at 10 a.m. because I wanted to do that before it got too hot. I saw a dentist at 2 p.m. Of course I kept working other than those two things.

Thursday, September 10
9:05 – 10:25 Conversation for Second grade, Class E
10:50 – 12:10 Business manner for Fourth grade, Class B
14:40 – 16:00 Conversation for Second grade, Class F
So Thursday is the toughest day of the week. Even worse was that the supplemental tests were required on this day. The test was for students who failed to pass the final examinations in the last semester. The command said that teachers had to register the scores by 4 p.m. on Monday. As was always, it is a short notice. Since I had to prepare for the PPT slides for Friday class, it was 3 a.m. in the early Friday morning when I went to bed.

Friday, September 11
8:55 – 10:15 Conversation for Second grade, Class F
14:40 – 16:00 Conversation for Second grade, Class E
I made eight students took my supplemental examination for conversation class in the last semester. I started giving test direction at 10 p.m. It was 9 p.m. for them, but it was late at night for me. All the students sent me their audio data by 11p.m.

Saturday, September 12
On Thursday morning, 10 students were absent from my conversation class because they had to take supplemental examination for computer class of the last semester. I’d say it was a bad scheduling. So I made a small session for those ten students on Saturday morning. The rest of the day was spent for making PPT slides for business manner class.

Sunday, September 13
Since the weather forecast said that a heavy rain was coming in the afternoon, I went to a branch library at 10 a.m. to return six books. On the way and way back, I took some photographs to upload onto my blog. I had been scoring the supplemental examination of composition all the afternoon.

Weekly Logs: Aug.24-30, 2020

Photographs on the week (Another blog of mine)

August 24, Monday
No memory, no record. But I am sure that I had been working all day.

August 25, Tuesday

August 26, Wednesday
I borrowed six books in the branch library in the town. I bought two portions (?) of herrings for supper in the supermarket. It was 321 JPY. I always buy something that is not necessary when I go to a supermarket. So, on the day, I just made up my mind that I wouldn’t buy anything other than fish meat of herrings.

August 27, Thursday
In a small town in Japan, many old, or out of day, habits still remain. On Thursday, I was in charge of opening and closing the door of Garbage collecting place in the village.This role comes to each home once in two or three months. I got up a little earlier than usual and went to the garbage place at 4:40 a.m. Then I saw that someone had already brought his or her trash to the place and put them in front of the door. I heard that there was such a kind of person who brought the trash very early in the morning. Probably it was fun for him or her to make other people carry the trash to inside. And I also heard that it was almost identified who did that.
Anyway, the day was too hot to go outside. I had been in my house and continued to work for my Japanese classes all day.

August 28, Friday
I brought a document to the agricultural association. But I made a mistake on the document. It was a typo of just a one letter of Chinese character. The letter was the same pronunciation, but totally different meanings. I had to correct the character, to print it again, and to send it again to ask other’s stamps.
In the afternoon I went to dentist.

August 29, Saturday
I needed a photograph of my face. So I went to a town next to my town in the morning. I said hello at the entrance of a camera shop. The shop was open already, but no one came. A funny thing was that one family member walked into the shop by my side, but she didn’t say anything to me nor told someone that I was there. I was disappointed by that camera shop. So I got on a train and headed Niigata. I was not sure but believed that there should be a photo studio in some certain part of the Niigata. Luckily enough I found a photo studio there. I got a digital data of my face photo in my USB thumb drive. While I was waiting for the photo, I went see Shinano River.

August 30, Sunday
It is today. The classes will start tomorrow. Everyone is now in the university and will have in-person classes from tomorrow. But I am the only one who cannot be back in the campus. It is terrible that I cannot teach Japanese in the class but still I have to do online classes. I don’t like this situation.

Weekly Logs: Aug.17-23, 2020

Photographs on the week (Another blog of mine)

August 17, Monday

I worked all day for making PPT slides for reading class. While doing so, I scanned  a book of poems that was an anthology for junior high school students. Of course I thought it was also suitable to my students learning Japanese language. I practiced my electric bass for 30 minutes at 8 p.m. in small volume.

August 18, Tuesday

I worked all day for making PPT slides for reading class; if I wrote like this, it looked the same as the day before. Yes, the same. At around 10 a.m., I went to a small branch library and borrowed a book about advanced Japanese grammar. And then I bought a flower bundle that was to put aside of dad’s photo.    

August 19, Wednesday

I went to the Agriculture Association in the morning hours. I just wanted to ask some questions about how to write documents for succession of property. In the afternoon, it was the same as days before. I just worked to make PPT slides of reading classes.   

August 20, Thursday

I revised a document for agreement between heirs and went to post office to send the document to my sibling. The afternoon was the same, I mean, I worked to make PPT for the reading class.  

August 21, Friday

Getting on a local train, I went to the morning market in Niitsu in the morning. The photographs are shown in another blog of mine.

August 22, Saturday

I went to a supermarket in the morning. That was only thing that I did other than working on PPT.

August 23, Sunday

Today, too, is working day. I think I have spent so many hours and days for preparation for reading class. Now I think it is the time for me to prepare the business manner class for 4th grade and the listening class for 2nd grade students.  


It is terribly difficult for me to attach a photograph image onto a blog post on wordpress. I need to try several times to call an image file from media library. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I have already spent more than 20 minutes for just one picture, but actually I couldn’t make it. What I found was that it is easier to write HTML code “img src” in order to display an image on the blog post than to use the block editor for that purpose.

Now I am worrying that, if wordpress continues this user-unfriendly block editor, many people may give up writing and stop using wordpress. I hope I am wrong.

LQ Laoshi Tried Playing Fast, But…

LQ Laoshi with his Bacchus Electric Bass

“SOEUR MONIQUE” F. Couperin, played by LQ Laoshi 3.26MB, 3min16sec

I actually connected two takes at 2:02. I tried playing as fast as I can from the connected point, but I could not catch up the speed. I regret using a piano recording of speed of 54 that was too fast for my finger picking style.

Welcome to LQ Laoshi’s Blog on WordPress

Hi, this is a blog that is a record of my career as a Japanese teacher.

Please visit my photo gallery “LQ Laoshi’s Photo Gallery” (outside of wordpress)

I like playing music on my electric bass. Please visit “LQ Laoshi Plays Electric Bass.” and listen. The following is one of my bass playing.

J. S. Bach, Unaccompanied Cello Suite No.3, Prelude on Electric Bass (4.22MB)

Took a Walk to the River, though Rainy Season is still going on

The spring semester was over. Summer break has started. But there is no time for me to take a rest. I have already started preparation for the next semester. Since the day before yesterday, I have been scanning the pictures on textbook so that I can use them on PPT slides. Since today is not rainy (though it’s dark), I took a walk in the afternoon. 

Bridge for Farmers’ Vehicles

Mountains whose heights were about 1000 meter were seen from the bridge.

View from the Bridge

A farmer and her husband were working to harvest onions.

Farmers are Working Hard on the Ground

Oh, by the way, this wordpress writing system is quite inconvenient. It is hard for me to operate. Now I regret starting writing this post. This is terrible.

Growing Rice in the Paddy Fields

I can see five peaks of Gozu Mountain. “Gozu” uses two Chinese Characters for “Five” and “Heads”.

Mountain Gozu behind the Paddy Fields

It is a kind of agony just to write sentences and insert images. I hope someone will change and enhance to make it easy to write and post a blog.

The board is saying “Let us make the river clean”, “You will be punished if throwing trashes and/or dirty matters in the river area”.

Unclear Board saying not to throw garbage

Flowers I saw on the way to the river

I am just wondering how other wordpress users feel about this very poor operability of writing system. I would like to say “This is a torture”.

LQ Laoshi Plays BACH on Electric Bass Again

My electric bass Ibanez SR500 has got a problem with its built-in amplifier. It doesn’t work to generate bass sounds but makes noise like the following audio recording. Probably you will regret hearing the sound. I bought this Ibanez bass in 2010, in Tokyo. It has been already ten years. Since 10 years are not short for a life of an electric circuit, I don’t think I can complain about this.

Noise sounds from pre-amplifier of SR500 (414kB)


Electric Bass Ibanez SR500 that I bought in Tokyo Ten Years Ago

So I changed my main bass from Ibanez to Bacchus. The big difference between Ibanez and Bacchus is with or without the amplifier inside. Ibanez basses always have an active circuit which is a built-in amplifier, but Bacchus basically doesn’t have an active circuit inside of bass. I had an experience of using Ibanez for three years in past, I was always worry about troubles on active circuit. The pre-amplifier used 9-volt battery which also had a problem for availability in store. I want to say that I like passive pick-up for my bass. It is simple, no need to worry about battery and electric circuit.

I played the most famous piece from J. S. Bach’s Unaccompanied Cello Suite, that is Prelude from Suite No.1.  I am not a good bassist, but I hope you enjoy it. The original cello version uses the open string of A near the end. I guess that the A-string of a cello is the highest. I also use the open A string for that part on my bass. But the A string on bass is the second lowest. So what is being played in high in the original is played in low in my version. Please do not complain about this. Because I know that many bassists have made much effort to play this A notes in high for this Bach Piece. If you play in low, actually it would be very easy. I admit my technique is poor but I am expecting that J.S.Bach in heaven might allow me to do so.

J. S. Bach, Unaccompanied Cello Suite No.1, Prelude in G major (2.70MB)


Bass:WJB-330M YLW by Bacchus

Strings:D’Addario, Extra-Light of Balanced Tension

Amplifier:  Not a Bass Amplifier, but a cheap audio Amp.

No editing!