I found that it’s Already December. But Let me Upload Photos of November

I set up a Feeding Place for Sparrows so that They can Survive Winter

Daikon, or Japanese Radish from my Garden. They can surely help me cut the cost of living

Slices of Salty Egg Plants and Small Tomato; I just wanted them to be colorful on the Supper Table.

Green Vegetables in my Garden. They are Strong against Cold. But once covered with Snow, I don’t want to dig them out of the snow.

Lunar Eclipse on November Eighth; I should have used a Tripod, though the tripod is being used to fix a web-camera for my online classes of Japanese language

There are Two types of Camellia: Tsubaki and Sazanka. I cannot tell the differences between the two, though.

I planted a “High-class” Persimmon Five years ago. At last I got just one Persimmon this year. I succeeded on getting rid of bitterness by applying strong alcohol on top. It became So SWEET!!!