Lemon in Sugar Syrup, but Better Use Honey

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A refrigerator is not a grave of food, period. But my deceased dad used to, and now, my mom put food into the refrigerator, and that is the end of it. Although food is for us to eat, for some people, buying it is more important than eating it because shopping is a fun. Foods kept or left in a fridge stay there for months, sometimes even years. When they are found, some are apparently rotten, otherwise they look uncertain if it is edible or not. Besides, refrigerators in Japan are slender and tall so that they can fit in narrow space in a small kitchen of tiny Japanese houses. So it looks like a casket standing.

When my mom came back from walking-shopping with one lemon and showed it to me, I immediately thought the lemon would be a candidate for such fate. I usually make compote when I got fruit that I could not eat soon. But in case of lemon, I had preserved in honey once or twice before, because the lemon was so sour and could not be soft as fruits compote. This time, I didn’t have honey, so I tried using a lot of sugar. I used glass bottle, put slices of lemon with a lot of sugar, and heated the bottles in hot water. As shown in the photo, I made two small bottles of lemons slices with sugar syrup. Part of sugar could not melt, remaining white in the bottles.

Lemon Slices in Glass Bottles, Photo taken in Niigata JAPAN

If you want to do the same, I strongly recommend using not sugar but honey. This time I got to know that sugar is not good to extract the flavor of lemon, or in other words, lemon’s flavor does not come out into sugar well. Honey can work much better than sugar.
Anyway, I make one litter of black tea every morning. When I pulled out the tea bags from the tea pot, I put just one slice of lemon into the pot. It changes the tea flavor, and makes me happy.



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