Online Teaching for Class 1837 (Composition) on Mar.20, 2020

Date: March 20th on Friday, 2020 from 8:00 to 9:30 (9:00 – 10:30 in JST)

Course: Japanese Basic Composition 2

Used app: Streaming on DingTalk, Presentation by Powerpoint (74 slides)

Numbers of Students: Class 1837 has 28 students

24 at the beginning,  22 at the end. 28 is total. One student was completely absent from the class.Therefore 27 students participated the class. 22 students stayed for whole 90minutes, 5 students were recorded with their shorter duration; 1min!, 12min, 58min,71min, and 79min.

Responses to the “During-the-Class_Quiz”:

Q1: 18 students responded.

Q2: Correction of short sentences: 8 students suggested their corrections.

Q3: 20 responded.

Q4: A series of 5 questions at the end of class in order to check if a student had been with class through the class. 22 submitted. Some got 3 points. Class 1836 performed better than 1837.

Teaching: (it was the same as 1836 class on Tuesday)

Homework:(it was the same as 1836 class on Tuesday)

Issues and Problems:

It was obvious that PPT slides that I prepared were short for 90 minutes. So I introduced a Japanese painter Mr. Ikuo HIRAYAMA in the middle of the class. I spent more minutes for this introduction of him than in the class 1836.


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