在日本LQ老师做着什么?! 04

Behind the town runs a river.


There is a small ship building yard. The factory can be seen behind the three vessels on the river. But I am not sure the company is still doing shipbuilding.



I went to Niigata in the evening. I had a dinner with one of my students who learned Japanese from me. The Izakaya restaurant was just near the JR Niigata station. Sashimi or slices of raw fish were fresh and tasty.



Niigata is famous for Sake that is rice wine. I ordered three brands assortment. One was Kirinzan, the other was Hokusetsu, but I forgot the third one. In front of three bottles, that was oyster fries. Anyway I enjoyed food and talk.

Morning Market in Niitsu, Akiha-ward, Niigata, JAPAN

Morning market is held on the 1st and 6th date of every month in Niitsu. Niitsu is a town that is located southern Niigata. JR local trains in every 20 minutes take you from Niigata to Niitsu. It takes about 20 minutes. Since it is called “morning market”, so better to get there by 11 a.m.


If you walk to the market from Niitsu JR station, this is the entrance of the market.



I always buy Kimchi at Ms.Minami Yamashita’s shop. She is shy so she hid herself behind the board.



Inside her cooler box. You can see there are Radish Kimchi and Cucumber Kimchi.



A man was selling seafood. He was talkative very much. He said he didn’t take photographs but liked reviewing other’s photographing. Sliced salmons were on his shelf.



There were some flower shops in the market.



I like this old person’s fruit shop.



Western pear “Le Lectier” were being sold with very much reasonable prices. The old person said to me that they were reasonable because it was the end of the season. “Le Lectier” is Niigata’s speciality.



This is all that I bought in the market;

7- Fuji apples = 500 JPY

2 packs of Yellow Kiwi = 500 JPY

1 – Chinese Cabbage Kimchi = 500 JPY

1 – Radish Kimchi = 500 JPY

Green vegetable = 100 JPY

So it costed 2,100 JPY in total. If I apply foreign currency rate of  1 USD = 109 JPY, it would be 19 dollar 27 cent. Expensive or reasonable? It depends on you. I have no complaint about the prices because I enjoyed talking with buyer. That is the beauty of morning market.



I got back home, cut Chinese Cabbage Kimchi into small pieces, and then put it into a small grass container.



Actually, yellow kiwi was not so yellow. It was yellow green. I wanted to change color of this photo so that it could look yellow. But I couldn’t make it, although I tried to adjust colors by an imaging software.


Morning market in Niitsu is small. Please do not expect a large market. It is just a tiny small market using a space of parking lot by the JR railway line. Some towns in Niigata area hold this kind of morning markets. Dates are different town by town. In Niitsu, 1st and 6th. In some town, it is 2nd and 7th, or 4th and 9th. I am not sure you would be interested in the market, but please check the date before you visit some of them.

今週のお昼ご飯 w04

I am sorry but this post is written exclusively in Japanese.







100円寿司は あまり好きではない。




















在日本LQ老师做着什么?! 03

I took a walk in the afternoon.


Walking through the bridge, crossing the river, and getting behind of the bank, I thought I could find something there.



I could see the mountains that have more than 1000-meter height. They should be completely white in this time of the year. But this winter is too warm for them to be white.



I saw some white creatures on the dried paddy fields. There was also a lady who was taking photos of those white birds by her smartphone. I talked to her on the way. She told me that they were swans.



They might have been talking about when to get back Siberia because it was warm as if the spring had already come.



Mountains of 2000-meter height looked white.



Green vegetables on the ground.



I crossed the river again to go back to the town where I stay.



Walking on a river bank was not so bad.



Getting dark, so it was time to go home.

Weekly Logs: Jan.13-19, 2020

I meant that my weekly logs were to be a record how I worked as a Japanese teacher. However, I haven’t worked much last week. So the following is not a work log but just a dairy of the week.



I wanted to work for preparing the conversation class of the second semester. But I didn’t have time to do so. I packed my suite case to back to Japan and cleaned my room a little bit. I went to outside of university for lunch. After the lunch I went to supermarket to buy some spices. Those spices were souvenirs to my sister because they were very much cheaper than spices sold in Japan.



I left my residence by taxi at 8:30 in the morning. My flight was one-stop in the major city and then went to Narita. The lunch in the domestic flight was not so good, so I didn’t show the photo of it in the post “Lunches in this Week”. Landing on Narita airport was delayed a little; at 9:30 p.m. Keisei trains were also delayed. Then I got on a JR train and I walked 30 minutes from railway station to my apartment. It was 1 a.m. when I got there.



I got up at 10 a.m. and went outside just before noon. I bought a new business notebook of 2020, ate lunch in an Italian restaurant, and got on a train to go to Tokyo. I borrowed a rental Wifi rooter in the central Tokyo. When I got to the rental shop, it was almost the end of business hours. So When I got back to the apartment, it already got dark.



Comparing money and time, I decided to save money and to use my time. I mean I didn’t use Shinkansen (Bullet train/High speed railway) to come to Niigata. I got up at 4:20 a.m. and got on a local train at 6:10. I arrived at small rural town in Niigata at 2 p.m.


Friday and Saturday:

I had been in my parents’ house in both days to take a rest. I tried to work for the preparation of conversation class, but I couldn’t do it well.



I went to Niigata by local train. I bought three books in the big book store at south of JR Niigata station. The photo below is the view at Bandai side of the Niigata station. The big book store is on the opposit side; Minamiguchi side of Niigata station.


Even in the record-warm winter, the sky is dark in Niigata.

今週のお昼ご飯 w03






















在日本LQ老师做着什么?! 02

I left Kanto Plain in the early morning today. Getting on a train, I headed north.


Terrain was becoming mountainous as the train moved north towards the end of Kanto Plain.



The platform was thinly covered with snow.  As the train went north, snow depth increased.



Having got through some long tunnels, the train was running in southern part of Niigata prefecture. This winter is warm, so there is not much snow on the ground and mountains.



My hometown is on the lower land of Niigata Plain. Thanks to the low altitude and the record-warm winter, there is no snow on the ground. This is just a rural town under the dark cloud of winter.

在日本LQ老师做着什么?! 01

I am back in Japan.



I went to Tokyo today.



I thought  I was the only 5tupid who was taking photographs of Tokyo Station building. But it was surprising; many people were there to take photos of this old station building.



JR Tokyo station is very big, but this Tokyo station of Tokyo Metro is a kind of small subway station. I went to Tokyo to pick up a rental WIFI rooter. Since my flight yesterday was so late in the night that I couldn’t get the rooter in the Narita airport.



When I came back from Tokyo to the nearest station, it had already got dark.

Weekly Logs: Jan.6-12, 2020


I got up at 6:30 and uploaded last week’s log. It is good to upload in the morning because the internet connection is very weak and slow in daytime and evening. I had to summarize students’ scores of the final exam. Since my eyes were tired very much, so not by computer but by my hand, I drew several tables on sheet of paper. I made those tables as check sheets in order to input scores correctly onto the intranet of the university. In the afternoon, I went to the teachers’ room to learn how to input students’ scores. Some people helped me, but we realized that university had not prepared for me to input. I could input only two students’ scores. I got back to my residence without finishing the input. That meant I still had not completed my first semester.



I took a rest on the bed in the morning. In the afternoon, I went to the university office and asked whether or not the input screen was ready for me. The person told me to use another ID and password. I thought that if it were ready in the morning, the person should have contact with me by phone, email, or something. But anyway, I left the university office because it was chilly to work for inputting scores. I wanted to do it in my room.



I checked two times the screen of score input. And clicked the submit button. I also printed the score sheet on paper, signed on it, and brought it to the university office in the early afternoon. So that is the end of my first semester. I barely got through it. I came back to my room and took three hours of nap. Since I will teach a conversation class for 2nd grade in the second semester, I started preparing for teaching in the evening. The first thing that I need to do is to analyze the textbook.



I got up at 7:00, had a breakfast, took shower, and resumed preparation for conversation class. But I was so tired that I could not concentrate on my task. I often went to bed and slept. It was not effective by any means.



I went to the teachers’ restaurant for my lunch. It was the last day for the restaurant. The university was almost empty. I tried working to analyze the conversation textbook, but I couldn’t do it well. I just slept on the bed, or just wasting my time to look at internet things.


Saturday and Sunday:

Both days were just like Friday. I am sure that coming second semester will be tougher than the first. There are two classes in Japanese course. If I could teach two classes of 1st grade for listening, it would be much easier for me. But the university assigned me to one class of 2nd grade for conversation and one class of 1st grade for listening. This simply means that my preparation workload increases as much as twice. Plus I have to continue my composition class.

Lying on a bed, I thought about two situations. One: I have to prepare hard for the second semester during this winter break. In this case, I will not be able to get rid of my fatigue accumulated in the first semester. Without curing from the fatigue, I will be devastated in the middle of the second semester. Second: I need to take a rest first in order to recover from the fatigue. Probably I will not be able to prepare well during this break. Not ready for the second semester, I will have to work very hard once the semester starts. In this case also, I will be devastated in the middle of the semester. Ouch, in either case, the conclusion is the same.



今週のお昼ご飯 w02






巨大肉団子は1個がとても大きいので、切ってトレイに盛った。内部はまだ赤みを帯びているので、もしかすると、火が通っていないかも知れない。生肉の食中毒で激烈な症状になるといけないので、少し残した。火が通っていて、それでも赤みを帯びた色なら、硝酸銀か何かの発色剤を使っているのだろう。巨大肉団子の手前は コリアンダーと細切り豚肉の和え物。私はコリアンダーをこよなく愛する。新潟にいたときはもちろん自分の畑で作っていた。