Weekly Logs: Jan.6-12, 2020


I got up at 6:30 and uploaded last week’s log. It is good to upload in the morning because the internet connection is very weak and slow in daytime and evening. I had to summarize students’ scores of the final exam. Since my eyes were tired very much, so not by computer but by my hand, I drew several tables on sheet of paper. I made those tables as check sheets in order to input scores correctly onto the intranet of the university. In the afternoon, I went to the teachers’ room to learn how to input students’ scores. Some people helped me, but we realized that university had not prepared for me to input. I could input only two students’ scores. I got back to my residence without finishing the input. That meant I still had not completed my first semester.



I took a rest on the bed in the morning. In the afternoon, I went to the university office and asked whether or not the input screen was ready for me. The person told me to use another ID and password. I thought that if it were ready in the morning, the person should have contact with me by phone, email, or something. But anyway, I left the university office because it was chilly to work for inputting scores. I wanted to do it in my room.



I checked two times the screen of score input. And clicked the submit button. I also printed the score sheet on paper, signed on it, and brought it to the university office in the early afternoon. So that is the end of my first semester. I barely got through it. I came back to my room and took three hours of nap. Since I will teach a conversation class for 2nd grade in the second semester, I started preparing for teaching in the evening. The first thing that I need to do is to analyze the textbook.



I got up at 7:00, had a breakfast, took shower, and resumed preparation for conversation class. But I was so tired that I could not concentrate on my task. I often went to bed and slept. It was not effective by any means.



I went to the teachers’ restaurant for my lunch. It was the last day for the restaurant. The university was almost empty. I tried working to analyze the conversation textbook, but I couldn’t do it well. I just slept on the bed, or just wasting my time to look at internet things.


Saturday and Sunday:

Both days were just like Friday. I am sure that coming second semester will be tougher than the first. There are two classes in Japanese course. If I could teach two classes of 1st grade for listening, it would be much easier for me. But the university assigned me to one class of 2nd grade for conversation and one class of 1st grade for listening. This simply means that my preparation workload increases as much as twice. Plus I have to continue my composition class.

Lying on a bed, I thought about two situations. One: I have to prepare hard for the second semester during this winter break. In this case, I will not be able to get rid of my fatigue accumulated in the first semester. Without curing from the fatigue, I will be devastated in the middle of the second semester. Second: I need to take a rest first in order to recover from the fatigue. Probably I will not be able to prepare well during this break. Not ready for the second semester, I will have to work very hard once the semester starts. In this case also, I will be devastated in the middle of the semester. Ouch, in either case, the conclusion is the same.





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