Weekly Logs Oct.28-Nov.3, 2019

I couldn’t write my weekly logs for almost one month because it has been too busy.


I taught in a class in the morning. That is not for Japanese course but for students who took Japanese test in entrance examination of the university. The class is small. After the class I went to the teachers’ room, worked there for one and half hours, but didn’t meet any other Japanese teachers. I took a lunch as usual. I made some audio data for listening course. It took three hours in the afternoon. Then I practiced two hours for Wednesday’s listening class.



I went to haircut in the morning. Other than that, whole one day was spent for making listening materials. I should not write what it is for. But the problem is that there is the minimum requirement as to time length. It is too long to make.



I taught in two classes in the morning. I went to a bank in the afternoon because I had to submit my mobile phone number as part of my bank account. One of third grade students took me to the bank. After that was four hours of audio data making for the listening course.



I was still making audio data in whole of the morning hours. I taught two classes in the afternoon. I asked the second grade students if they knew there were two types of Kanji pronunciations. It was surprising to me that they didn’t know there were On- and Kun-pronunciations for Kanji. Such a meta-knowledge may not help them learn Japanese. But it is second language learning by university students. I thought I had to tell them such basics of Japanese language some time in near future. After the composition class, I continued audio data making for three hours in my residence.



From 7a.m. to noon, I made audio data for the listening course. I took a nap after the lunch and added some slides to PPT for composition class. Those slides were for comparison between transitive and intransitive verbs of Japanese. Early evening was the composition class. Getting back at 5:30, I continued audio data making. I realized that my audio data was still short for time requirements.



I started evaluation and correction of compositions from two classes of second grade students. In the writing Japanese, a writer need to choose and stick to one writing style out of two. One is Desu-Masu style and the other is Da-Dearu style. Even though I told students to write in Da-Dearu writing style, some wrote completely in Desu-Masu style, and many students mixed two writing styles. I wanted to finish evaluation and correction of 51 compositions in one day; hopefully it was like one class in morning and another in afternoon. But I couldn’t finish in one day.



Audio data making was the only thing that I have done today. It was like from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. It was still short for the requirement, but I thought I could make it more than that. I went outside only for lunch. I took nap for 30minutes. Other than that, I had no time to rest.



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