The latest Info of “0 yen! Japanese Lesson”

My Japanese Lesson is no longer available

I am sorry to say this, but due to some difficulties, I decided to close my Japanese lesson. Current students can still study with me. This post is left for the sake of record.

Lesson date&time available for you:

Can you believe it? there is a free Japanese lesson in Niigata. I mean it’s no charge, no cost, no payment, no expenditure, no money spending, but it is an excellent learning experience for you with a certified Japanese instructor.

Wednesday Evenings, 5:30p.m. – 8:30p.m.

Contact to me to decide the time that is convenient to you. The room number is usually 306.

Place and Room Number

Place : CrossPal Niigata in Ishizue-cho, Chuoku, Niigata, JAPAN

Room: Please check the room number by the schedule at the entrance of CROSSPAL. You will find “免費!日語教室” on Wednesday and Saturday. Although it is Chinese-like name but  my lesson is not only for Chinese, but for everyone who wants to learn Japanese.


The nearest bus stop is Ishizuecho, however some buses don’t stop at this bus stop. If this could happen, please get off the bus at Honcho and come back a little to the direction of Shinano River.



Please feel free to contact to me.

The instructor has finished “Japanese Language Teacher Training Course (420 hours and above) and passed the “Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test” administered by the Japan Educational Exchanges and Services on October 22, 2017.

You can see March flier below in Korean restaurant “Chidimi” which is near Itoyokado Marudai in Honcho.



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