Why Other’s Persimmon Trees Have Got a Lot of Fruits?

This Persimmon tree is not mine but other’s

Some years ago, I have planted several persimmon trees in my garden in order to pollinate each other. But None of them got fruits like this one, this year. I don’t know why. But I know that it is reality that I cannot do what other people can.

I was Taking Photos in a Park until Camera’s Battery Downed

Just One Cup of Coffee in Nearby Convenience Store at the Beginning of Afternoon Walk

I went to a Park because I couldn’t find anything to take a photo

This Flower is Blooming Alone at a little distant from the Flower Bed.

Nichi-Nichi-Sou of Pink Color; I don’t know the English Name of this Flower

When I pushed the shutter button for this Picture, The Battery Downed.

A Dream that Caused Overslept This Morning

Japanese White Radish “Daikon” in my Garden

Several years have already past since I quit the company. I used to be a company man. Some times I dream in the night in which my company and coworkers appear. But I am too sleepless to see a dream in the night recent months because of exhausting hard work as a Japanese language teacher.

The Only Persimmon Remaining in my Garden. Others all Fell down

The dream that I saw this morning was quite a weird one. In the dream, I had to start working in a company in U.S. I am Japanese and not good at speaking English. To my surprise, I saw many of my old coworkers in Japan were working there. They had moved from Japan to U.S. prior to me. Those Japanese were quite good English speakers and were communicating as bilingual. I thought I could never speak English as well as they do. Since I didn’t know how to work in U.S., I became really anxious if I could work there. And then one Japanese lady teased me saying my English was very poor.

Another “Only One”, my Fig tree is still too small to have many Fig Fruits

She made fun of me. That was the time that I woke up this morning. It was already 6:40 a.m., a little later than my usual getting up time. I got up with mixed feeling but tried speeding up cooking breakfast for me and my 83 year-old mom.

Dahlia Flowers

Neck of Yellowtail, Boiled with Soy Sauce, Sugar, and Ginger

Part of Neck of Yellowtail is Boiled in a Pan

The Main Dish of Tonight’s Supper

I usually buy the neck part of yellow-tail. Although many packages of slices of body are on the shelves, I think those slices are a little small for the main dishes in supper.
Today’s yellow-tail came from Hokkaido. I enjoyed eating.

I dug Sweet Potato Today. They were severely Damaged on Surface by Insects or Worms.

Sweet Potato that I harvested from my Garden Today

These sweet potato are vulnerable to insect damage because they are improved to have more sweetness. I am wondering how the professional producers, I mean farmers, take a countermeasure against this kind of damage. Do they mix pesticides into the ground? I have never used pesticides to vegetables in my garden, although I do that for some fruit trees.

I was one of kids who played here 45 years ago

A Small Shrine in Northern Part of JAPAN

This is just a tiny open space of a Shinto Shrine. In old times the locations was surrounded by flood-prone rice field in the northern Japan.
There used to be many kids playing here after classes of elementary school. Nowadays, very few kids are there.
I know it is completely impossible to be back to what I was of forty-five years ago.

All of a Sudden it Turned to be Chilly. I Expected the First Snowfall on High Mountains

Iide Mountain Between Niigata and Fukushima Prefectures

Although I used the telephoto lens, it was not clear whether or not there had been snowfall on the top of Iide Mountain that had two-thousand meter high.

Mackerel and Horse Mackerel, their Simple Dishes for my Supper

“Ready for Cook” Mackerel Slices that I bought in Supermarket

Boiled Mackerel with Miso (Salty Say Beans Paste)

Horse Mackerels as Fresh as they can be Sashimi

The Simplest Cooking; Grilling with Salt

To me, living in Japan means that I can eat a lot of fishes from the sea.

The First Citrus Fruit in my Garden, “Hyuganatsu” is still Green

Fruit of Citrus “Hyuganatsu”

I planted several citrus fruit trees in my garden. One of them, Hyuganatsu has got the first two fruits. They are still green. And I worry about their falling before ripening. But if I got the fruits, I would like to make jam.