Weekly Logs: Sep.21 – 27, 2020

Photographs on the week (Another blog of mine)

Monday, September 21
I taught two classes in the morning and in the evening as usual. In addition to the classes, I had to instruct a nominee of speech contest. I sent her my handwriting that indicate low-high accent of Japanese in red ink.in

Tuesday, September 22
I taught two classes in the morning and in the evening as usual. Both were business manner classes.

Wednesday, September 23
I worked all day except one hour from 2p.m. I went to a dentist. Thanks to national health insurance, Japanese can see a doctor with reasonable cost. I got strange feeling in my mouth because of an aesthesia.

Thursday, September 24
I taught three classes. I worked even in the night. It was almost midnight when I finished working

Friday, September 25
I lost my memory I don’t remember the day. But it was sure that I taught two classes that were conversation course for the second grade.

Saturday, September 26
I went to a morning market in Niitsu. There is one man who comes to the morning market in this time of season. He brings and sells his grapes. Unfortunately his farm couldn’t produce any “Kyoho” grape this year, though I didn’t hear the reason. He was only selling a tiny amount of “Shine Muscat”. One tray was 1,000JPY. He laid only three plastic trays of Shine Muscat on his blue-sheet. They looked clean green fruits. But I saw behind him, there were some grapes whose peel had got some stains. I asked him to sell me that brawn stained Shine Muscat by 1,000 yen. He got happy because he could sell unpopular grapes with stains on the peel surface. He put a lot on a plastic tray and sold it to me.

Sunday, September 27
I worked almost all day. But I took a walk just an hour from 3 to 4p.m. While walking I found a board as below.

I don’t think a dog can read that Japanese sentence.



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