Weekly Logs: Aug.24-30, 2020

Photographs on the week (Another blog of mine)

August 24, Monday
No memory, no record. But I am sure that I had been working all day.

August 25, Tuesday

August 26, Wednesday
I borrowed six books in the branch library in the town. I bought two portions (?) of herrings for supper in the supermarket. It was 321 JPY. I always buy something that is not necessary when I go to a supermarket. So, on the day, I just made up my mind that I wouldn’t buy anything other than fish meat of herrings.

August 27, Thursday
In a small town in Japan, many old, or out of day, habits still remain. On Thursday, I was in charge of opening and closing the door of Garbage collecting place in the village.This role comes to each home once in two or three months. I got up a little earlier than usual and went to the garbage place at 4:40 a.m. Then I saw that someone had already brought his or her trash to the place and put them in front of the door. I heard that there was such a kind of person who brought the trash very early in the morning. Probably it was fun for him or her to make other people carry the trash to inside. And I also heard that it was almost identified who did that.
Anyway, the day was too hot to go outside. I had been in my house and continued to work for my Japanese classes all day.

August 28, Friday
I brought a document to the agricultural association. But I made a mistake on the document. It was a typo of just a one letter of Chinese character. The letter was the same pronunciation, but totally different meanings. I had to correct the character, to print it again, and to send it again to ask other’s stamps.
In the afternoon I went to dentist.

August 29, Saturday
I needed a photograph of my face. So I went to a town next to my town in the morning. I said hello at the entrance of a camera shop. The shop was open already, but no one came. A funny thing was that one family member walked into the shop by my side, but she didn’t say anything to me nor told someone that I was there. I was disappointed by that camera shop. So I got on a train and headed Niigata. I was not sure but believed that there should be a photo studio in some certain part of the Niigata. Luckily enough I found a photo studio there. I got a digital data of my face photo in my USB thumb drive. While I was waiting for the photo, I went see Shinano River.

August 30, Sunday
It is today. The classes will start tomorrow. Everyone is now in the university and will have in-person classes from tomorrow. But I am the only one who cannot be back in the campus. It is terrible that I cannot teach Japanese in the class but still I have to do online classes. I don’t like this situation.



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