Weekly Logs: Aug.17-23, 2020

Photographs on the week (Another blog of mine)

August 17, Monday

I worked all day for making PPT slides for reading class. While doing so, I scanned  a book of poems that was an anthology for junior high school students. Of course I thought it was also suitable to my students learning Japanese language. I practiced my electric bass for 30 minutes at 8 p.m. in small volume.

August 18, Tuesday

I worked all day for making PPT slides for reading class; if I wrote like this, it looked the same as the day before. Yes, the same. At around 10 a.m., I went to a small branch library and borrowed a book about advanced Japanese grammar. And then I bought a flower bundle that was to put aside of dad’s photo.    

August 19, Wednesday

I went to the Agriculture Association in the morning hours. I just wanted to ask some questions about how to write documents for succession of property. In the afternoon, it was the same as days before. I just worked to make PPT slides of reading classes.   

August 20, Thursday

I revised a document for agreement between heirs and went to post office to send the document to my sibling. The afternoon was the same, I mean, I worked to make PPT for the reading class.  

August 21, Friday

Getting on a local train, I went to the morning market in Niitsu in the morning. The photographs are shown in another blog of mine.

August 22, Saturday

I went to a supermarket in the morning. That was only thing that I did other than working on PPT.

August 23, Sunday

Today, too, is working day. I think I have spent so many hours and days for preparation for reading class. Now I think it is the time for me to prepare the business manner class for 4th grade and the listening class for 2nd grade students.  


It is terribly difficult for me to attach a photograph image onto a blog post on wordpress. I need to try several times to call an image file from media library. Sometimes it works, sometimes not. I have already spent more than 20 minutes for just one picture, but actually I couldn’t make it. What I found was that it is easier to write HTML code “img src” in order to display an image on the blog post than to use the block editor for that purpose.

Now I am worrying that, if wordpress continues this user-unfriendly block editor, many people may give up writing and stop using wordpress. I hope I am wrong.