Weekly Logs: Aug.10-16, 2020

Photographs on the week (Another blog of mine)


August 10, Monday

Of course I started working right after breakfast. Although it is summer break now, I assigned homework to 4th grade students. That was to write their names in Japanese Kanji with pronunciation with Kana, and to explain the Kanji(s) so that Japanese people can tell what Kanji(s) is used for the name. I sent a feedback to one student in the morning for this homework.

And then I made a preliminary version of PPT slides for reading class. I wanted to do the same for business manner class, but I didn’t have much time when I finished making PPT for reading class.   


August 11, Tuesday

At around 10 a.m., I went to a small library that was one of city libraries. I reserved a book about advanced level Japanese grammar through the internet and got an email saying the book was ready. So I went there to pick up it. And then I went to a flower shop to buy a flower bundle to offer the tomb of my dad as a ritual of “O-bon” season. After I got back home, I had just continued to work. Now the second floor is unbearable to work because of scorching heat. I worked in the air-conditioned room on the first floor. I kept working for the business manner class for 4th grade students, but I had already spent too many days for only one class of 90 minutes. I’ve got to do 18 times for the subject. If I use three days for preparation, it would mean that only one subject take 54days. I cannot do that.


August 12, Wednesday

It was not as hot as two- three days before. So I worked at the tatami room on the second floor in the morning hours. I moved to the living room on the first floor in the afternoon because there was air condition. I was just making PPT for the business manner class. At 4:30 p.m., I went to the supermarket. I bought the slices salmon for supper, and got two flower bundles to offer to the tombs for the Obon ritual. When I ordered two flower bundles in the day before, I thought they would be put left and right of my dad’s tomb. But through the talk with my uncle, it seemed like one would be offer to my dad’s tomb and the other would be put at the entire family grave which was in the different temple. The first idea changes in order to accommodate to the different situation that I didn’t thought at the first. I think this could happen day to day, and it’s okay. 


August 13, Thursday

It is the season of Obon in which people go to the family grave. My father’s family went to my father’s tomb first and then went to the family grave. I didn’t go with them because I had already visited my dad’s tomb last week on 7th, Friday. And the big news? was that an electric fan came to my house from Amazon.co.jp. I assembled it and turned on the switgh…I was amazing. It was unbearable because of the heat of summer in my room, Japanese style with 8-tatami mat, these days. But once I turned the electric fan on, it did become bearable with cool air flow. I thought the electric fan was also a great invention of human being. I mean, if not as great as refrigerator or washing machine, but I felt it as great as rice cooker.        


August 14, Friday

This is the first Obon season since my dad died. The day, my aunt family and an uncle of my mother’s side came to the house. The aunt is elder sister of my mom. They said they would come in the morning, but it was almost noon when they actually came. I found that I was not ready for their lunch. I soon got out of the house and headed to the supermarket a half mile away by walk, or actually run. I remember that that supermarket was selling big dishes in Obon season probably because many families got many guests and relatives to the house. But I didn’t see any on the shelves this time. So I bought many packages of in small trays. I understood afterwards by the conversation with aunt family, it was because coronavirus. People did not visit each other in this Obon season because they didn’t want to spread the virus. So the supermarket had judged there was not much need for the big dishes of Hors d’oeuvre. Anyway I was tired for running by my foot and carrying many foods by my hand.


August 15, Saturday

It was the commemoration day when the WWII ended.


August 16, Sunday

It is rainy, it cannot be said that the rainy season is over in this year. Still the rain continues to fall.

I don’t like the block editor on wordpress. It makes writing a blog post really difficult. I hope that the better writing system will come someday or some year. Until the time, I think I just use one block. I mean, this is my solution for the block editor that is difficult to handle. I put everything on just one block without using multi blocks. So it will usually be text-only. Photograph images are shown on my another blog on goo “LQ Laoshi’s Photo Gallery”



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