Online Teaching for Class 1939 (Listening) on Mar.16, 2020

Date: March 16th on Monday, 2020 from 9:50 to 11:20 (10:50 – 12:20 in JST)

Course: Japanese Listening 2

Used app: Streaming on DingTalk, Presentation by Powerpoint (72 slides)

Numbers of Students: 27

All the 27 students stayed with me on the online class until the end. They are the first grade student. It is different from the behavior of the second grade students.

Responses to the “During-the-Class_Quiz”:

Their responses are quite good. I also tried solo-questioning by calling name of a student. This worked well although it took minutes.


1: Use of nouns that mean position/location

To tell an existence of human/animal or things, some abstract nouns for position/location are used. I taught students how to make those abstract nouns concrete in the form of N1 no N2 which is a modification for noun2 by noun1. I have already taught in the last semester, about difference between the intransitive verbs “iru” for human/animal and “aru” for things without life. This time I put an emphasis on use of somewhat abstract nouns for position/location.

2: Particle “-ga”.

Issues and Problems:

Too much use of English. Controlling time.



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