Weekly Logs Dec.30, 2019 – Jan.5, 2020

The week was 19th week of the first semester, and it was for the final examination.



I uploaded last week’s log onto this blog in the morning. After that I graded answer sheet of listening test for 1st grade students until noon. It was the fourth day of grading because I was doing the second check by myself. I continued the task in the afternoon, but I took a big nap for two hours. I went to the teachers’ room in the evening to meet another teacher. The room was chilly.



It was the last day of 2019. I washed two white shirts by hand in the morning. I took morning nap? for an hour. I calculated scores for composition classes of 2nd grade in the afternoon. Students’ grades are calculated as summation of 50 points from scores of final test and 50 points about a student’s activities and attendances during the semester. Since the final test had not come yet at time of Tuesday, I calculated the latter scores. In the evening I went to the teachers’ room again and returned the textbook that I borrowed on Monday.



It was the new year’s day. I could say that the day was the first holiday since the first semester had started. I sent a lot of emails to my friends to say wishing them a happy new year. Later I found that email was out of date as a communication tool, because the replies didn’t come soon. I spent most of the hours of afternoon on the bed. I wanted to have the day a holiday, but I worked for two hours in the evening in order to analyze the textbook that will be used in the conversation class in the second semester.



The final examination for composition classes was held in the morning from 8:30 to 10:30. As soon as I came back my residence I started grading the answer sheet.



The first round of grading was finished in the morning. There was a test for my small class in the afternoon. But I didn’t have to supervise the test because it was done with another class in the same room and another teacher supervised both. I went to the teachers’ room at 3 p.m. to get the answer sheet. I graded them in the rest of the day.



I finished grading the final exam and scoring class performance for the small Japanese class. After that I went to the university restaurant to eat my lunch, and then went to a grocery store to buy vegetable. After one hour of nap, I got up from the bed at 3 p.m. I started the double check of test grading for composition classes. The second check for Thursday class was finished in the day.



I finished the second check for Friday class in the morning. I went to the university restaurant at noon, but most of the restaurants were already closed. So I went outside of university and ate a pilaf of beef and green pepper. After a long nap, I summarized results of scores. The last thing that I have to do is to register the grading onto the intranet of the university.



Oh, by the way, I think “Bic” means a bicycle in English, but “Baiku” in Japanese means a motorcycle.



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