Weekly Logs Dec.23-29, 2019


I taught the small class in the morning. Although still one class remained on Wednesday yet, I made it the last class to use that boring textbook. After the class I went to the teachers’ room to make photocopies for the last class of my small class. After the lunch, I evaluated compositions in whole of the afternoon. I couldn’t do it much, because I was tired and went to bed often.



I wanted to teach Japanese honorifics in the last class of the small class in the following day. So I prepared for some PPT slides in the morning. In the afternoon I made another PPT that was for composition class. I wanted the last composition class to be a feedback for homework and summary of the semester.



I continued to make PPT for composition class. From 10 to 11:30 was the last of the small class. I checked audio data in the afternoon because the final exam would be on the following day. Actually I found many mistakes on mp3 files. Fortunately I could correct them one day before. I could finish correction onto Mp3 files by 4p.m. After that I just continued to work for composition class.



I had done PPT making in the morning. In the afternoon was the final examination for listening class of the first grade students. Since the test used audiovisual rooms, it was done not in the final exam week but in the last week which was one week earlier. Two classes were tested simultaneously. There were some minor problems during the test, but the test was done almost successfully. I went to another building after the test to teach the Thursday composition class. I asked students if they got another class this week. They said no. So my class was the only class in the last week of the semester. They said that they had to come to class, but teachers released them soon after checking their attendance. I think that those seasoned teachers were doing 18 over 17 times valuable class each time. As a new foreign language teacher in the first year, I am not doing so well.



I started grading the final exam of listening class in the morning. In the early afternoon, I corrected some of slides for the Friday composition class. I always correct PPT slides based on the results of Thursday class. So it is safety say I did the better teachings for Friday class than for Thursday composition class. Anyway I asked the same question in the composition class in the early evening if they had any classes this week. The answer was the same that there was no class but mine. They said they even did not have to come to class. I told them that I was happy to be with you students in the classroom, so let me do my class.

In the class I made the students write the last composition in this semester. It is a thing that is often done in a Japanese class. Students listen to the first half of the old tale “Kasajizou” and then write the second half of the story without knowing it. Actually I tired the same thing in Thursday class several weeks ago. But at that time the students said they all knew the story. I gave up making them write the second half of the Kasajizou. This time also it was expected that some students knew the story. I told Friday students not to tell the story to others if they knew it. It was just an old tale with happy-ending about New Year. It seems like most of students knew the story or could predicted the ending. I told them I wish them a happy new year at the end of the class. But some students didn’t hear what I was saying because they wanted to go dorm as soon.


Saturday and Sunday;

I graded answer sheets of the final exam that was 1st grades’ listening. I couldn’t do it well because I was too tired. It was of 57 students with 100 questions each. If I could concentrate on grading, I could have completed it in just one day. But it is not yet finished. I took two hours of nap in the afternoon. Two final exams are coming in next week.