Japanese Lesson in Niigata, JAPAN

It’s free of charge! Here we can have a Japanese language lesson in CrossPal Niigata. I am a native Japanese, 49-year old male. I can make a customized lesson for you. Let us talk about what text book we use. CrossPal Niigata is also called as Lifelong learning center, Chuo-kominkan, Kokusai-yuko-kaikan. CrossPal’s address is 3-2086 Ishizuecho-dori, Chuo-ku, Niigata City 951-8055, Japan.

37°55’20.3″N 139°03’02.2″E

37.922297, 139.050598


I usually reserve a room for Saturday afternoon, 3 p.m. until 5 p.m. Not only at this time schedule, I can also have a lesson for you almost anytime in a week. So please feel free to ask me through the following my mobile email address.


(Oct.28, 2018)

This blog is to inform people that there is a free Japanese lesson in Niigata. Free means the lesson needs no charge, no money, no expenses, no expenditure, no financial burden whatsoever on learners side. The lesson will be held once a week, on Saturday afternoon – evening hours. The venue or place is a room of Cross Pal Niigata (Kurosuparu, Kulosupalu, Curosuparu, Culosupalu), or in other name, Shogai gakushu center (Shougai gakushuu centa, gakusyu senta), Chuo Kominkan (Chuuou Kouminkan, thuou, thyuou), Kokusai Yuko Kaikan (Yuukou) in Ishizuecho, Chuoku, Niigata.

The lesson can be a custom-made one that is exclusive for you. Curriculum takes into consideration of your current proficiency of Japanese, what you want to learn, and your goal. Your reason to learn Japanese is maybe that it is necessary to live in this country. Or you need to use Japanese in your job place. Working in Japan needs to know some kind of job-related expressions. The instructor has twenty more years of experience of working in Japanese company, he helps you understand what kind of words and expressions you need to know in your company. Or you may be interested in Japanese culture. Actually the instructor is not good at Japan’s pop culture something like ANIME, though, as a native Japanese, he can give you many ideas of any genre of Japanese traditional/modern society.

The lesson does not require to use a certain text book. However, if you would like, the lesson can use the following text book. Minna no Nihongo, Genki, Dekiru Nihongo, Biaozhun Ribenyu. Sometimes there are western learners who do not want to learn characters; Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji (Chinese characters Hanzi). The instructor is now developing a teaching material such that can be used for those learners. So please do not worry if you don’t know Japanese characters. Lesson can be made so that you can learn listening and speaking for conversation.




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