Chrysanthemum in my Garden. It’s Late Autumn.

Chrysanthemum in my Garden, in Niigata, Northern JAPAN

Colorful Flowers are Blooming not only in my garden but also in neighbors’ gardens

I want to plant more to make my garden bright because it is so dark in late autumn in Niigata.

I just wanted the Entire October Calendar to be Colored.

Black Bird in Niigata, Northern JAPAN

But I don’t think I can continue to post every day. Most of my hours should be used for my work as a Japanese Language teacher. Now I have to prepare for the final examination of this semester.

Photos of Yesterday; Today the Weather is Rainy and Chilly

Not mine…I envy the owner of this Persimmon tree.

Gradation of Ivy color tells the season of Autumn

I don’t like to take a photo by smartphone because the colors are surrealistically vivid. I should have brought my old digital camera.

Cooking Tonight’s Supper took 70 minutes, a little Shorter than Usual

My Supper Tonight; A Glass of Drink is Soft Drink with Beer Taste.

It takes shorter time for me to grill a fish than to cook meat. Tonight’s fish was Atka mackerel which came from U.S.
And the drink in glass is not alcohol. Believe me. It is a beer taste soft drink with ZERO-alcohol.

Green Leaves from my Garden; I don’t need to buy them from Supermarket.

Today, too, I couldn’t take a good Picture of Iide Mountain

A Lot of Green Leaves, Chard from my Garden

I don’t use pesticide for my vegetables. So actually I eat the Leftover of Insects. But I am okay with it.