“Bandai Taiko” is Strongly Recommended for Souvenir of Niigata

Bandaitaiko is a Sweets of Niigata, JAPAN

Sweet Cake “Bandai Taiko”

It is a cylinder like sponge cake, or I should say “a roll cake”, with white cream inside. This is a famous sweets in Niigata of northern part of JAPAN. Bandaitaiko by Osakaya is a very good choice for souvenir when you visit Niigata.

“Amemonaka” is one of Niigata Sweets. Buy at Watanabe Ameya in front of JR Hakusan station.

Hi, this is the website for “0 yen! Japanese Lesson”. Come to my class in “CROSS PAL NIIGATA” in Ishizuecho, Niigata. Please check the latest information on this site. Note that even though my class is “Mian Fei! Ri Yu Jiao Shi” in Chinese characters, my Japanese lesson is not only for Chinese, but for everyone who wants to learn Japanese language.

This morning I went to Watanabe Ameya that is a shop selling “Amemonaka”. The store is in front of Hakusan JR station. It looks like just a house. I hope you can find the shop with red circle in the photo. As usual, the latitude and longitude are as follows;



This is the entrance of Watanabe Ameya. Actually the wooden board above glass doors tells you the name of shop.


I bought three. They are in the paper bag which is stamped with expiry date.


Japanese words “Ame” means candy. Ame does not sound “EIM”. Anyway, Ame inside Monaka is not hard but is very viscus liquid. This type of Ame is called Mizu-ame. Although Misu means water in Japanese, Mizu-ame is very viscus liquid.


Close up photo. It is soooooooo sweeeeet. Go buy Amemonaka at Watanabe Ameya in front of JR Hakusan Station and eat’em!


新潟の人なら一度は食べたことがあるでしょう。飴最中。今朝はJR越後線 白山駅前の渡辺あめやさんに行って、3個買ってきました。水飴でとても甘いです。私個人の考えですが「甘さ控えめ」が売りのスイーツなんて、間違っています。甘くないと駄目です。甘いのが良いのです。